Unique Opportunity in the 10th TS World Congress - A view

Unique Opportunity in the 10th World Congress - A view

In ten days, the 10th World Congress is scheduled at Rome. Many leaders
from the West will be attending it. In the aftermath of the
International Election and the follow-up cleavage displayed by the
theosophical leaders, the future growth of TS in the West is going to
depend on the level of reconciliation that takes place among the
leaders. Unity is strength.

In countries outside India (including the USA which has second largest
membership), the membership is shrinking as well as showing a very low
retention rate - members come and go, which is indicative of some
fundamental problems with the leaders and their policies in the
Sections. This is not new. This trend has been there for past decades
indicative of some serious underlying problems which are yet to be
identified. Since it is taking place in most countries outside India, it
should be systemic problems which should be identified and such
identification itself would yield ideas to address and fix them.

A prerequisite to address the problems and issues is a whole hearted
passion to put theosophy first and personal ambitions and aggrandisement
last and this would be the beginning of building up reconciliation and
unity within the TS.

Leaving aside all the scholarly discussions scheduled for the congress,
since the congress provides an opportunity for many theosophical Section
leaders to be present, it is a unique chance for them to informally get
together and see how reconciliation and unity can be built. It is in
such informal gatherings that great ideas and decisions are taken.

Members would be keenly watching what goes on in the congress, both
formally and informally and what radical and dramatic constructive
decisions are taken by the leaders. With the help of Internet, the
progress would be disseminated world-wide. This is an opportunity that
the leaders should not miss since the next such opportunity is several
years away and who knows what serious problems that the sections are
likely to face in the meanwhile.

Let us keep tuned with the optimistic hope that most hard core
theosophist are naturally born with.


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Comment by M K Ramadoss on July 1, 2010 at 10:51pm
Glad to know the good news about retention rate in The Netherlands. The situation in other countries is not that good. If anyone has contradictory info, I would like to hear. On the other hand, the growth rate outside India is very poor. For example TS in the USA had about 8000 members when Dora was the President (National Secretrary) and since that time it has dwindled down to about 4000. We all know the leaders who lead the section during the time of decline.

It would be revealing if the retention statistics are compiled and published.
Comment by Katinka Hesselink on July 1, 2010 at 3:48am
Actually, I don't think there's any indication of low retention rates outside the US, is there? I certainly don't know about low retention rates in The Netherlands.

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