Katinka, in her blog, brought attention to the two theosophical books published in 2010; one by Joy Mills on ML and the other SD Commentaries.

It is a pity that neither is cheap and especially the Commentaries are very pricey and out of reach of most middle class theosophists especially in the third world.

The decision makers could have simply made an electronic edition available on Internet. All books, these days are first created in electronic media and then only it is printed and bound. Hence making an electronic edition is very easy and where there is a will there is a way.

Already some thoughtful soul has scanned and uploaded the commentaries to Internet and it was taken down possibly due to objections from the publisher. But the genii is out of box and it cannot be put back.

My hope is that the publishers will make electronic copies available for free on Internet. If they fail to do it, they will be the losers.

After all, spreading theosophy should be the first order of business and making money or even recouping the costs is secondary.

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