Theosophy, HPB and the Secret Doctrine by Phillip Lindsay

Theosophy, HPB and The Secret Doctrine

Phillip Lindsay © 2002

The Theosophical Society was founded by the so-called Masters of Wisdom
or Hierarchy of Enlightened Being, through their amanuensis, H.P.
Blavatsky. Other names for them throughout history have been the Elder
Brothers, The Secret College and The Great White Brotherhood.

If it is difficult to accept the fact of their existence, ask yourself
the question, where do the Masters of all the different traditions
"go", after they have attained Liberation or Enlightenment ?

The term Master implies mastery over life; complete control of the
material side of life and perfection in human living as far as is
possible in earth evolution.

There is a point of perfection reached in evolution in all kingdoms of
nature which is always relative to the overall evolution of the
"greater life", in our case this planet and later the solar system.

It helps to understand the solar system as the incarnation of a great Life, of which the Earth and her kingdoms are a part.

Is it not logical then, that all perfected lives go on to evolve with
the rest of the solar system ? - all is in a state of flux, movement
and change.

There are choices though, as humanity has always had : some may have
moved on to more obscure evolutions within the planet, others to
different planets in the solar system, and many will follow their
evolution well beyond the solar system.

Groups of Masters always existed throughout ages, whatever tradition
you look at : Buddhist, Celtic, Christian, Egyptian, Hindu, Jewish or
Sufi. The one common thread these exalted beings have had is their deep
wisdom and love for their fellow humanity, coupled with an unerring
will that has demonstrated truth and beauty in their lives.

Their examples of perfected living have inspired millions throughout
history, as the many life waves that pour through the planet, have
evolved, learnt and got off the "wheel of sangsara".

Many perfected beings have moved to other evolutions, yet a certain
percentage have always chosen to "tarry" in the earthly realms a little
longer, "until the last weary pilgrim reaches home".

These Masters watch over and guide human evolution, always allowing for
the inviolable karmic right of humanity to exercise their free will, no
matter how misguided at times.

They have the task of holding their chosen offices for immense periods
of time, in order to effect the manifestation of the "Plan", the
"blueprints" that exist in the mind of "God"; that immense
consciousness which has chosen to incarnate as this planet, whose
personality expression is known as Sanat Kumara, Melchisidec, or the
Ancient of Days.

An "initiate" is one whose has become self-initiated through their own
initiative. Through dint of their own persistent endeavours, through
"fighting their way into a greater measure of light", they have earned
the spiritual responsibility to wield great power. Hence there are only
a small number of them needed on the planet at any one time, yet they
vacate their positions periodically to allow other qualifying members
of the "great life wave" to take their places.

Egypt and the Himalayas have been the main enclaves of the Masters
since Atlantean times. Hence both these places were visited by H.P.
Blavatsky when she received the "Call" to be their messenger.

The 1880s saw the first public proclamation of the existence of the
Masters in recent human history, and it was done through HPB, the
setting up of the Theosophical Society, and the transmission of The
Secret Doctrine.

These secret teachings had previously been "ear-whispered truths"
passed on to those aspirants and disciples in various traditions
throughhout the ages.

Esoteric lore given to the profane or those not properly prepared will
cause misuse or abuse. However, it was deemed that humanity, by cyclic
karmic right, had reached the stage whereby further "light"
(wisdom/knowledge) could be imparted.

The 1880's was the outgoing peak of a cycle that started in 1425. It
coincided with the Centennial Conclave of the Masters, who did some
forward planning, according to the specific energy and karma of that

Much of the Secret Doctrine was seen as the catalyst for a new cycle,
which was taking into account the great war of Atlantean times, whose
karma was starting to cycle back, and which manifested as the two world
wars this century, esoterically seen as one.

Hence the interesting fact that much symbolism and information was
gleaned from the Secret Doctrine by the Axis nations in their bid for
absolute power, the Nazis being the vehicle for the same materialistic
forces in Atlantean times. The most obvious symbol was that of the
swastika and its reversal. (See "Occult Roots of Nazism")

It has not been since the days of Atlantis that all the Masters of
Wisdom have externalised openly amongst humanity, and last century was
the start of a gradual externalisation process that will culminate with
the "reappearance" of the Christ in physical form, the "Master of all
Masters, angels and humanity alike". The karma is to do with coming to
finish what was started 2000 years ago, and taking over the role of the
Buddha, becoming in fact the new Maitreya.

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky was born in Russia in 1831 and died in 1891. She led a very colourful and adventurous life.

As early as six years old she lived near the border of Tibet and showed
an interest in Mongolian Buddhism. She was also trained to ride horses
by the fabled Cassocks, and frequently road over the border into Tibet.

Later, after she escaped an unhappy arranged marriage at a young age,
her adventurous spirit led her to fight alongside Garibaldi the Italian
revolutionary; she was left for dead after one battle but miraculously

In her travels by herself in Europe and Asia she frequently "packed a
pistol" to protect herself; a single woman traveller was unheard of in
her day.

There are many other stories about HPB and time has made the
distinction between fact and fiction somewhat dubious. But there is an
indomitable courage that comes through this Leonine lady, that was
certainly needed in her role as a destroyer of an old culture and
explorer of a new one.

She was a "Messenger of the Masters", an advanced initiate choosing to
incarnate in a female body, which partially gave her the great
sensitivity needed to be a telepathic emmanuensis.

In 1868 she was "called" to Tibet by the Master Morya for training at
Shigatse, an abode of a few of the Masters, near Trashi Lunpo
monastery.(150 miles west/sou-west of Lhasa, and home of the Panchen or
Trashi Lama)

Later she came in contact with the Egyptian Brotherhood at Luxor.

There are many biographies which detail her life activities, and this is only a sketch of the essence.

She made many sacrifices as an advanced initiate, and was encumbered
with physical disabilities such as dropsy, kidney disease and obesity -
one way for residual karma to rapidly burn itself off.

Any who come to break down the old, encounter resistance to new ideas,
and are usually persecuted for it. This would have added to the strain
on her -mentally, emotionally and physically.

The forces of materialism, working through many people consciously and
unconsciously, tried to oppose her ground-breaking acts, through lying
propaganda, innuendo and psychic attack.

Speculation about HPB often exceeded information and understanding. She
endured much public derision and slander and still does from the

Some biographies do HPB, Theosophy and The Secret Doctrine no justice,
even though factually correct, they tend to focus on the intrigues of
events and personalities, rather than the essence of ideas;
particularly academics of a concrete disposition, who just "don't get
it" when it comes to spiritual matters; only the ignorant can pass
superficial judgement on HPB's work.

HPB influenced others such as Gurdjieff, Rudolph Steiner and The Golden
Dawn. Many authors prolifically refer to The Secret Doctrine. She was
an agent of destruction for the old culture; she came to dismantle it,
and was an enzyme for the new culture.

HPB challenged doctrines that were the cradle of old culture, whilst
her great intellectual acumen took on the finest minds of the time in
the realm of science and religion. She understood thesis, antithesis
and synthesis, and was able to give convincing rational argument in any

She reinterpreted the doctrinal structure of the mental plane and
culture, demonstrating the "power of the mind to slay the real". Her
committment was to release humanity from the slavery of dogma. She
possessed the "Atma Vidya", the root source of all knowledge, which
synthesises all schools of thought.

Her presence opened dialogue for the idea of the brotherhood of
humanity; this paved the way for the first tentative steps towards the
Theosphical Society.

Her first book, Isis Unveiled, was "a plea for the recognition of
Hermetic philosophy and the ancient universal wisdom religion". It was
a fusion of science and religion and an argument against the
materialistic doctrines of the time. It is very complex as HPB's
English was not too good, and the Masters were also experimenting with
methods of "impressing" her; if it were re-written with modern quotes
it would be a very good book.

The Secret Doctrine was her "magnum opus" and still has not had its secrets unravelled.

"Cosmogenesis" (Book 1) is the study of the origin and development of
the universe. "Anthropogenesis" (Book 2) is the study of the origin and
development of humanity. Both draw upon the most arcane aspects of all
spiritual disciplines.

The Secret Doctrine is a synthesis of world religions and mythologies, showing the golden thread running through them all.

The "Book of Dzyan" is the skeleton of Secret Doctrine. It is the first
volume of fourteen volumes of commentaries on the seven secret folios
of Kiu-Ti. There are 35 "exoteric" volumes of these in most Tibetan
monasteries, but they are full of gross distortions and exaggerations.
The Book of Dzyan is kept separate from the other volumes by the Teshu
Lama of Tjigad-je.

"Dzyan" comes from "Dhyana", meaning "spiritual meditation". It is with
this attitude that these teachings should be approached, not purely
with the lop-sided western analytical method.

Three sets of books of Kiu-Ti :

1) 7 secret volumes
2) 14 volumes of Commentaries, annotations and a glossary for Initiates.
3) 35 exoteric volumes.

The Tibetans are among the last of the subraces of the Atlantean
rootrace, and have been the custodians, along with Egypt and India, of
this ancient wisdom.

Knowledge paves the way for Wisdom, yet these teachings cannot be penetrated without some wisdom or heart understanding.

Hardly any of the public or Theosophists have studied, or really done
these works any justice. The Masters have given a great gift to
humanity, but it is not yet being fully utilised.

Some of us may have read, but who has studied The Secret Doctrine ?
Even today there are not many serious students of the Secret Doctrine.

The Secret Doctrine was a "secondary revelation" - conveyed from its
source to the outer plane. The Master Djwhal Khul (The Tibetan), who
transmitted a great deal of the text to HPB, said later of TS members :
"There, the minds of humanity, veiled by illusion and clouded by
glamour, formulated it into an inelastic doctrine, recognising no
further revelation and holding steadily that it was the final

Divine knowledge leads to Wisdom; it is a scaffolding for learning the
ultimate lessons of Love, which eventually bring about Liberation.

Theosophy means literally "Wisdom pertaining to the Gods" or, Wisdom of God in his many forms.

The motto of the TS is : "There is no religion higher than truth" - it
offers a forum for ideas and traditions. Theosophists come from many

Their credo is : "To form a nucleus of the universal brotherhood of
humanity, without distinction of race, creed, caste or colour",
emphasising the uniqueness of all cultures, yet that which binds them

When we understand the "life-wave" as taught in Theosophy and the
etheric web which underlies all of physical reality, it is impossible
too feel separation towards one's fellow human beings.

All souls in this life wave are equal, there is simply a relativity of
some being younger and some older in their experience. This realisation
also extends to other kingdoms such as the animal, when the vast cycles
of time (yugas) are comprehended. We are simply the manifold
differentiation of a vast Life.

In the human kingdom this Life expresses through the "vehicles" of
religion, philosophy, science, arts, commerce and industry. Human
nature grows in its virtues and capacities through these areas of life

Adyar is the name of the TS headquarters in India, where there was much
of the original focus for the establishment of the society and the
promulgation of The Secret Doctrine. HPB lived there and it was also a
convenient place for some of the Himalayan Masters to "drop by".

India is the cradle of civilisation as we know it, and our western
races are simply subraces of that ancient race; she stands in an unique
position for synthesising both East and West. The Secret Doctrine seeks
to demonstate this unity.

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As this website attests, he is interested in helping to create a forum whereby some of the best commentators can be brought together in one place, to help deepen understanding of this subject.


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