Theosophical disconnect

Frequently one finds a disconnect between what theosophists talk about and act. This is all the more so when you deal with ‘organizational’ theosophists.

The scanning and uploading of early issues of Theosophist on this site is an  invaluable resource to any theosophist. Till now they were practically inaccessible on Internet.

When I browsed around the various theosophical websites, blogspots, and forums, there is practically silence about the availability of these issues. This should not surprise anyone. Each of them have their own agenda (theosophical???) and they seem to deliberately ignore what else is going on in the theosophical world at large. Not invented here mentality is a possibility. With this mind set, is it any wonder that there is not much of traction about theosophy in the world.

Internet has provided an opportunity to unify and coordinate and cooperate in furthering the message of theosophy. It looks like the re-run of christian churches - all owing allegiance to Jesus, but not cooperating with each other.


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