The wisdom of the Theosophists and Sending Helpful Thoughtforms to Another

“Thoughts are Things.”

In the late 19th  century, a group of people in Britain began to deeply explore consciousness through meditation, theology, and philosophy. They called themselves the Theosophists. One of their visionaries was a woman by the name of Helena Blavatsky, who wrote the book “The Secret Doctrine.” It was deep and heavy for most people, but later writers were better able to connect the ideals of Theosophy with the rest of us. Some of these writers were Annie Besant and C.W. Leadbeater.

Besant and Leadbeater wrote many books that touched on subjects that have only recently become popular in the twenty-first century with the more prevalent practice of Yoga, Kundalini, and meditation. Some of their most seminal works include “Thought Power,” “The Masters and the Path,” “Clairvoyance,” “The Inner Life,” “An Introduction to Yoga,” and “Thought-forms.” All of these works can be found online for free nowadays.


The first book I ever read by the Theosophists was a work from Leadbeater called “The Astral Plane.” I was in awe about the way he described a world that existed beyond that which physical science could comprehend and study. The only way to reach this place was through sleep and meditation. I knew I had visited there many times in my dreams, and I began to later experiment with astral travel.


The theosophists outlined concepts that are central to most modern religions. They encourage us to unconditionally love others, focus on abundance, be aware of our thoughts, and live a life of service. One of the key points they made time and time again was that thoughts are things. They called these things ‘thoughtforms.’ Every time we create a thought, it is released into the universe as a thing. It is not a physical thing, but it is an entity no less.


The idea that thoughts are things has been supported with recent evidence from quantum entanglement experiments. Many of the thoughts we think are not our own, but they are thoughtforms passing through us created by others. It becomes our duty to be aware of the thoughts we allow into our consciousness and pass on to others because we are like radio transmitters with our thoughts. We can choose to send positive and helpful thoughts or harmful thoughts to the world.


All of the works of Besant and Leadbeater have since passed into public domain, and they can all be found online for free. I’d highly recommend reading their work to see what harmonizes with your own beliefs. After reading the works of Leadbeater and Besant, I was inspired to create a guided meditation to “Send Helpful Thoughtforms to Another,” which I released on my album, “Guided Meditation Treks Volume II.” In this guided meditation, I walk the listener through the process of creating helpful thoughtforms and projecting them to another person or entity on this or any other plane. The idea is that thoughtforms can be used to help others, and this meditation guides you though the process of doing this. It can be streamed for free online through Spotify or downloaded from iTunes or as my latest iOS app. I hope you can use it to help others with your thoughts!

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Comment by Seij on August 24, 2015 at 6:54pm

Thoughts are ALIVE!

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