'Photographic technology provided astonishing evidence regarding the person who had been wrapped in that particular linen covering, left in the sepulchre Jesus had vacated, but visible in the course of the film developing process only in the negative. Prominent and most worthy of attention is that the crucified man it held was proven by the negative to have been alive at the time he was wrapped and laid in the tomb.'

'After the crucifixion, Jesus is believed by many to have journeyed to India, the land of the midday Sun which in zodiacal tradition is known as Cosmic Midday, the Sun’s highest point, or Uttarayana in Vedic tradition. The hieroglyph of its astrological ruler, Capricorn, delineates the precise geography of the land – where, it is said, Jesus lived well into his 80s until his passing. The authors of The Jesus Conspiracy and Jesus Lived in India have presented proof that Jesus was revered in India and died in Kashmir where his tomb can be visited even today.'


Excerpts from: 'The Shroud of Turin Revisited' by Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet.

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