Reformed Vedic Calendar - based on Tropical (Sayana) Zodiac

'Today we are forced to celebrate all our fasts and festivals after over 23 days of their real Shastric prescribed time, and we continue to follow the wrong path over fourteen centuries. The Government of India’s 1952 Calendar Reforms Committee had recommended a seasonal calendar and also noted that “in continuing to follow the nirayana system, the Hindu Calendar makers are under the delusion that they are following the path of Dharma. They are actually committing the whole Hindu society to Adharama.” Twelve decades ago the then Sankaracharya of the Dwarka Mutt had directed that “sayana panchangas should be used for performing religious rites.” But all these years neither Governments at the Centre and States of free India, nor the Dharmacharyas of Hinduism have thought it fit to force its implementation.' ...

'We bank on the young and educated youth of this Vedic land to chip in and start using the correct calendar and help put India’s cosmic clock back on its original moorings, scientifically – as it was originally.'


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