Just came across a wiki page i wanted to share with everyone about the predictions made by Ray Kurzweil.

Naturally these particular two predictions are dated quite far off so im not concerned with accuracy. what i am interested in is both the probability of such events taking place and how we relate to the particular nature and possibility of these events today. irrespective of whether these events happen or not, they give us a very unique perspective into what the mind is capable of imagining today. This point raises very important questions about the capacity we have of viewing ourselves in contrast to identity. i.e. the tangibility of self.

Kurzweil mentions "AI's now focus their energies on making new discoveries and contributions." lets consider this then in light of zen/enlightenment/liberation. if we were to transcend ALL limitation what would happen to purpose, meaning and value?



Since knowledge and skills can be instantly downloaded and comprehended by most intelligent beings, the process of learning is compressed into an instantaneous affair instead of the years-long struggle normal humans experience. Free from this time-consuming burden, AI's now focus their energies on making new discoveries and contributions.

Thousands of years from now

"Intelligent beings consider the fate of the Universe." Presumably, this means that the AI's created by humans will have the ability to control the entire Universe, perhaps keeping it from dying.

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