Forget IQ, Collective Intelligence is the New Measure of Smart

Forget IQ, Collective Intelligence is the New Measure of Smart (video)

Do you know your IQ, that little number that’s supposed to measure how smart you are? Forget it. Individual intelligence is old news, collective intelligence (CI) is the future. And it’s already here. Google lets you access the collective records of the world via internet searches. Wikipedia assembles the shared knowledge of humanity in an ever refined research tool that anyone can access. Oh, these systems have their limits, to be sure, but they allow an individual to quickly leverage the expertise of millions in just a few seconds. That’s incredible, and that’s the promise of CI. The Center for Collective Intelligence at MIT was formed in 2006 by Thomas Malone and his colleagues. CCI tries to answer a guiding question: how can people and computers be connected so that collectively they act more intelligently than any individual, group, or computer has ever done before? Thomas Malone addressed the World Economic Forum in Switzerland earlier this year and explained the nature of collective intelligence, how we may track it, and how it could help solve problems like climate change. Check out his talk in the video below.


What are your views on the impact collective intelligence can have? just recently scientists were able to solve a problem about concerning wheat that had perplexed scientits for decades. how did they do it? through use of a program designed to solve the problem for them.

thats right! we have finally reached a stage where we no longer need to solve problems ourselves but can design programs that can do what we cannot. so how will this progress with the coupling of CI? is perhaps the idea of a true AI now redundant? are there instead shortcuts to reach the same goal? will AI still be developed if only out of some novelty?


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