I put online at scribd.com a pdf/txt copy of A.P. Sinnett's novel "United" (2vols in one) at:


This is a very strange book. Don't think I've read another one like it, if one can get through the prim-and-proper upper-class 19th century Britain setting. The two main characters are a mesmerist and esotericist, and a young ill-healthed sensitive woman (modelled after HPB probably in some respects). The mesmerist (hypnotist?) is able to put the woman in touch with her Higher Self, which takes the form a guardian angel, or exulted form. The sensitive is too fragile for the world, so to speak, destined to die, and the mesmerist sacrifices his life energy and his life to prolong her life, with unexpected results. "United" received enough notice in its day to be put on the Roman "Index Expurgatorius", but few theosophists today have heard of it. Blavatsky gave it a long review in BCW.

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Comment by Mark R. Jaqua on February 18, 2010 at 10:59am
The pdf-scans files are on Google for the original. Sinnett also previously published the novel, "Karma," but it isn't on the same level as "United."

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