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Sinnett's novel "United"

I put online at a pdf/txt copy of A.P. Sinnett's novel "United" (2vols in one) at:

This is a very strange book. Don't think I've read another one like it, if one can get through the prim-and-proper upper-class 19th century Britain setting. The two main characters are a mesmerist and esotericist, and a… Continue

Added by Mark R. Jaqua on February 17, 2010 at 5:22pm — 1 Comment

Mosley's "Socrates Fortlow" Series of Novels

Mosley's "Socrates Fortlow" Series of Novels

By Walter Mosley:

- "Always Outnumbered, Always Outgunned."

- "Walkin' the Dog"

- "The Right Mistake: The Further Philosophical Investigations of Socrates Fortlow," Basic Books, 269pp, 2008

Mosley is a prolific novelist, but these three are my favorites. These are pretty crude books, but realistically so, and the crudity isn't over-riding, or a mask for lack of writing ability or worthwhile ideas. Socrates… Continue

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New Secret Doctrine Abridgement published

There is a new abridgement of the Secret Doctrine out by Michael Gomes, and published by Penguin Paperbacks in paperback and ebook, both at $17.95 US. (288pp.) It is good to see a major publisher have a Blavatsky book out. Gomes has a good intuition in his historical papers, so I imagine it is a good selection. There are probably many abridgements of the SD, the only I know of are, One edited by Elizabeth Preston and Christmas Humphreys for Quest Books and Theosophical Publishing house (260pp,… Continue

Added by Mark R. Jaqua on November 22, 2009 at 4:05pm — 5 Comments

Theosophical Quarterly

I just put the index to this 35-volume (1903-1938) periodical online at (below). Most would consider this New York based group "ultra-conservative." It formed around Ernest T. Hargrove (pres of Am. T.S. after Judge died) after he left Katerine Tingley's group. It included Hargrove, Charles Johnston, Julia and Archibald Keightley, C.A. Griscom and many others. There's 17 1/2 volumes online. (link)…


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Blavatsky's "The Durbar in Lahore" online

H.P. Blavatsky's "The Durbar in Lahore" was originally serialized in a Russian publication in 1881, and later translated and serialized in "The Theosophist" (uncopyrighted). This is my transcription and scans. This is the only book-length material of Blavatsky's that has never been published in book-form. Thanks to Paul Johnson on giving me a tip on it. Link:

Added by Mark R. Jaqua on October 18, 2009 at 6:23am — 4 Comments

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