Greetings and good wishes, Sergo.  I always enjoy your interesting posts.

In a private message to me you asked me something like "what aspect of theosophy [sic. Theosophy] interests you most?"  Previously, you had also mentioned that you were a Russian-English language translator.  The thought came to me, "Why not try to 'kill two birds with one stone' [a good-old folksy English idiom] and not only begin to answer [the shortest version would be 'Psychological Religion'] Sergo's question, but also give him a nice, advanced challenge for his translating abilities?"

Thus the material below:

Theosophy:  “An epistemological term referring to Intuitive knowledge or wisdom resulting from personal experience of one’s own Transcendental (‘Divine’) Nature.” 

 Psychological Religion*:  “Practical, result-oriented applications of Theosophical knowledge or wisdom, including the use of ancient psychological understandings (which may be analogically associated with, and perhaps provide the microcosmic basis for, grand Macrocosmic formulations like karma and reincarnation) in order to personally advance in the (possibly Translifetime) Hierarchy of Self-Awareness.”

 *c.f., F. Max Muller’s 1911 book title THEOSOPHY OR PSYCHOLOGICAL RELIGION

All the best, friend Sergo


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Comment by Seij on August 22, 2015 at 11:08pm

Thank you kindly, Mr. Ihle your response is greatly appreciated! Peace with you!

Comment by Richard Ihle on August 22, 2015 at 11:05am

Greetings and good wishes, Seij.

["Speculating that I AM following you can you elaborate how the 7 Rays co-operate with the 7 planes in coexistence to the waves & aspects of the Logos?"]

Unfortunately, my "elaboration" and recommendation about the above would probably be just to ERASE all of it.  In my view many of these old, abstract, theosophical word-tsunamis like the "Seven Rays" are no longer useful in the environment of modern physics and Darwinian evolution--unless, of course, such old theosophical material can be used to "backward analogize" in order to help familiarize oneself with the psychological conditions of human consciousness which undoubtedly were the basis for their speculative, now-often-time-wasting, would-be-Macrocosmic, metaphorical birth in the first place.

A better example of something much more analogically useful (for becoming more and more Adept in everyday modern life) might be this Kabalistic axiom (with Madame Blavatsky’s “variant” Breath beginning): “ 1) Breath becomes 2) a stone; the stone becomes 3) a plant; the plant becomes 4) an animal; the animal, 5) a man; the man, 6) an Angel; the Angel—[7) God?].”  

From my perspective this metaphorical sequence more clearly points to the SIX states of consciousness that one can can become more Masterful in using/experiencing:  1) Animating; 2) Physical; 3) Desire-Feeling; 4) Desire-Mental: 5) Mental; 6) Spirit-Mental.  [The corresponding, crusty-old Eastern terms are these: 1) Prana; 2) Anna; 3) Kama; 4) Kama-Manas; 5) Manas; 6) Buddhi-Manas.]  The important thing here, almost certainly, would be to limit oneself to a PSYCHOLOGICAL context rather than go overboard with some guess-worked, macrocosmically-analogized, cosmological cobweb of an all-and-everything-philosophy based upon it.

Anyway, thank you, Seji, for your intelligent, well-formed and admirable question.  In your honor I will today also add to this site "General Theosophy #149."

Comment by Seij on August 21, 2015 at 5:40pm

{Eye don't mind being called Sergo <g>) Mr. Ihle..

Are you saying that the 4th level being human lower ego (mental plane), the 5th level being the human individual of the higher ego (mental plane), and the 6th (an avatar plane) beyond the ego from a divine sense(s)  which are perhaps governed by 3 Logo aspect's (cosmic energies)  motivated by 3 waves of evolution [1 wave - living matter) 2nd wave - conscious matter) 3 wave - spiritual unity] which is a divine "fields of force" or "dimensions of reality" coexisting interdependantly from the higher to the lower vice versa?

If perhaps I am on the right track would that mean the 1st wave is an outpouring impulse by the 3rd aspect of  Logos, 2nd wave an outpouring impulse by the 2nd aspect of Logos, and 3rd  wave an outpouring impulse by the 1st aspect of Logos?  -[Notice 1st wave +3rd Logo = 4 / 2nd wave + 2nd Logo = 4 / 3rd wave + 1st Logo = 4]-

Is 4 the center lower mental plane that connect the higher to the lower and the lower to the higher?

4 = Creative / harmony - vital energy / mediating life =  The Central Foundation...  

Speculating that I AM following you can you elaborate how the 7 Rays co-operate with the 7 planes in coexistence to the waves & aspects of the Logos?

Comment by Richard Ihle on June 24, 2015 at 1:55pm

[Re:  Why do I think but am not the thinker?]

Actually, Sergo, there is every chance that when you are thinking, you may indeed, at least momentarily, be either the thought or the cognitive process involved.  This may sometimes be called an “egoic delusion” or “differentiated consciousness,” etc., but I like to refer to it as the birth of a temporary “ego formation”—or even better, a “semi-Self.”  (Undifferentiated Consciousness, Atman, Self, etc. which has become psychologically “tainted” by some “product” of Darwinian evolution.)

Anyway, “thinking” can be at either of two “Levels” of differentiated consciousness:  Fourth-Level Desire-Mental (kama-manas) or Fifth-Level Dispassionate Mental (manas).  Interestingly, in order to even have a chance of maintaining a “Once-Removed Vantage” on the particular consciousness being utilized, it is necessary that the person’s “Degree” of Self-Awareness be higher than the Level of differentiated consciousness.  In other words, it takes an individual who has advanced to at least the 5th Degree of Self-Awareness to “superintend” 4th Level consciousness; 6th Degree to stay partially Self-aware at the 5th Level.

Theosophy comes into play at the Sixth-Level Spirit-Mental (Buddhi-manas) type of consciousness. While one could also call this type of consciousness “thinking” or “cognitive process,” I prefer to simply call it Intuition” (note the religious capital letter) because there is only immediate apprehension of something and does not necessarily involve any “word-thought-units.”

Thank you for the good question,  Sergo. 


Comment by Seij on June 23, 2015 at 5:34pm

Why do I think but am not the thinker?

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