Seven Presidents, Seven Eras: The Changing Face of - Theosophical Society

Nice videos on the topic and should interest anyone interested in the historical aspects of TS.

They are here.

I happened to see the last part of the video which dealt with Sri Ram, John Coats and Radha Burnier and has some very interesting material since Joy Mills had known all of them and was the Vice President during the term of Sri Ram and John Coats.

One thing that surprised me is that the series is available on DVD and cost a whopping $78.00 plus shipping. I hope it would be available for free download that way anyone interested can download them to their computer. At $78.00, it is pricey and few theosophists can afford it.

Looks like the people who are responsible for coming up with the price structure live in a different world than the average theosophist. This seems to be the general thread to all material sold to theosophists by established organizations.

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