The colors of the rainbow are 7 and represent the 7 chakras.  Violet is the (crown chakra) at the head and is linked to spiritual power. Indigo is the (mid-brow chakra) accociated with the (third eye). Blue is the (throat chakra) and linked to inspiration! Green is the (heart chakra) linked to feeling. Yellow is the (solar chakra) linked to the navel,and mind. orange is the (spleen chakra) in the abdomen,and linked to digestion,and social. Red is the (root chakra) located at the base of the spine and linked to spirituality,and vitality. The rainbow is a symbol of all mens spiritual journey, through many lifetimes,to spiritual wholeness! Interesting to is that a rainbow is actually a circle,which shows our cycle of birth,and death,birth,and death, a never ending countinuance until we are spiritually whole.

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