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God is all things

God has no beginning or end. So what did God create everything from? He created everything out of himself! So in the beginning there was only God and there is still,only God. He is creator,and creation! He is the source,and substance,of everything in the universe. So everything the exists is God manifesting as that thing. Seven times in Isaiah 45 and 46 God says I am the lord and there is none else. When translated literally means, I am the Lord,nothing else exists!…


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Colors don't excist either.

We may see color in all things but is it reality? Nope it's not. Dr. Peter Gouras says that, color vision is a illusion created by the interactions of billions of neurons in our brain.There is no color in the external world; it is created by neural programs and projected onto the outer world we see. Ounce again we think we see reality,and we do not. The whole world is a hollographic universe. Interesting read on this is Michael Talbots Hollographic…


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rainbow meaning

The colors of the rainbow are 7 and represent the 7 chakras.  Violet is the (crown chakra) at the head and is linked to spiritual power. Indigo is the (mid-brow chakra) accociated with the (third eye). Blue is the (throat chakra) and linked to inspiration! Green is the (heart chakra) linked to feeling.…


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