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Is procrastination wise?

In an excellent article called "Thief of Time", we read the following:


“Those who have had the good karma of being favorably situated to study Theosophy are especially unwise, from the standpoint of their own interest, if they procrastinate. If they do so, they let sleep the opportunity which they must have earned, in this life or in previous ones, and who knows whether they may not be thereby postponing the recurrence of such a chance for spiritual growth and service?

Such postponement may not only retard their own progress but also that of the Cause of Theosophy and of those whom their example of faithful study and practice of the theosophical teachings might have led to emulate it.”


“Corresponding, however, to the opportunity offered to the modern student is the latter's responsibility to the Cause of Theosophy and to his fellow men. The trusteeship of wealth applies no less to treasures of the mind and the spirit than to physical possessions.

It is true that a great Master once wrote:

"Knowledge for the mind, like food for the body, is intended to feed and help to growth, but it requires to be well digested and the more thoroughly and slowly the process is carried out the better both for body and mind”.”

Best regards, Magda


NOTE:  You can read the entire article called “A Thief of Time” at:

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Comment by Capt. Anand Kumar on May 15, 2011 at 9:47pm

Knowledge being a function of mind, and the mind needs brain to function. Since the brain is subject to the process of evolution, it would appear that the mind and knowledge both would evolve with time. Therefore all knowledge, be it ancient or modern can only be relative.


Or, is there aboslute knowledge as different from the knowledge of the absolute?

Comment by Magda Susano on May 15, 2011 at 8:27am

Dear Joe

Thank you.


It would be interesting to see, from a theosophical perspective, what is after all the so called “modern mind”.

Nevertheless, is important to enable all students to drink the knowledge from the original source, where the waters are still crystal clear. This source we should make it know.

Then everyone is free to follow their own path, knowing however, where is the real source of knowledge.


Best regards, Magda.

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