(This post idea came from PuzzleSolver's post called,"FOCUS if you want to be HAPPY! Oh look, Squirrel!" and the part that had made me to think even more was about the Henry Ford quote that was focused about 'having an idle mind.')

"What is the Mind

     The Greek word for mind is "nous." According to Vine's , the mind is where we store information and make decisions. The dictionary definition tells us that the mind is the seat of consciousness, thought, volition or feeling.  Proverbs 23:7 says, "as a man thinks, so is he." We become what our mind focuses on. In 2 Peter 1:13, Peter refers to the "loins of the mind," Loins are the part of the human body that contain the reproductive system. Our mind is a creative organ that can imagine and create our present reality. This is why it is so critical that we control what we allow in our minds. In this same verse, Peter goes on to exhort us to "gird up the loins of your mind," meaning to tighten the reign or control what we allow in our minds. Another version says, "so think clearly and exercise self control." If our thoughts can reproduce, then we need to be thinking God's thoughts!" (taken from: http://www.spiritalive.org/newsletter.php?view=12)

     Personally, I agree with this statement because after having deleved off into some of the ideologies of LOA (or the Law of Attraction) this statement of "as a man thinketh, so is he" is so true. In LOA, a person can be able to attract what he/she desires because he or she focuses and concentrates on what it is they are trying to manifest in their lives. Imagination also is evidently a very needed resource to guide a person in LOA entirely, because they need to be able to visualize and center themselves in ways to stop worrying about the many "how's" in which things cna be able to come about for them. Simply speaking, if one is not focusing/visualizing in their imaginations about positive energy then it can almost be seen that negative energy will creep in. If one is not applying themselves for the service of others, or to bring in positive energy in their dealings with other people then it can be seen as the idle mind (which is not being kept busy) can lead into the deep end and end up getting itself stirred into trouble. 


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Comment by Paige on August 16, 2013 at 8:08pm
Very true here PS because I just feel like they can all be grouped under one term even maybe all of these words symbolize maybe even a more profound existential foundation that can be able to uphold one's own beliefs and thought processes about who they are and the nature of their existences entirely. All of these words can then be like also grouped together as a whole and a great way to even find more meaningfulness inside the realms of theosophy. With the person's will and persistence, belief, faith, trust, thoughts, etc. I really would thus think that the sky was really the limit in this matter at hand here. :-)
Comment by PuzzleSolver on August 16, 2013 at 5:15am

Aha! I think you have something here Paige!  And I'm right there with ya too, After thinking more on Ford's comment and other ways to put a reply together, I was left with lingering thoughts of Focus, Energy, Concentration, Thought, Actions even Intuition and Vibes etc.  Even with LoA stuff too, I've studied a lot of it back then when "The Secret" came out. And with a bit of what I know now, I think Theosophy has taught some of that all along, whether people seem to agree or not. :)  There's more to these 'secrets' I'm sure, we gotta dig deeper into how it works though

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