4 Simple Steps to Activate Powerful Wu Wei (not doing)

By Master Steenrod

The power of Wei Wu Wei, commonly known as Wu Wei or Not Doing , can be fully activated through a series of 4 simple steps.

Step 1: Give  Yourself Permission for Wu Wei (Not-Doing)

Wu Wei ( Not Doing ) needs a special permission period of time.  That period must be designated with defined boundaries (times) so that the mind will feel comfortable freeing itself from the world.  The Social Mind actively discourages and encourages the misintepretation of Wu Wei.

The use of a special permission period helps to bypass the suppression of the Wu Wei and gives you a chance to take the next steps.

Step 2: Shut Up

Avoid having opinions.  Avoid being involved in politics.  Avoid opportunities to express your opinions.

The physical behaviors that manifest doing depend heavily on language and interaction with other humans.  Doing is most strongly bound into the social sphere.  If you want to not do, this is the first behavior to work on.

 Step 3: Stop Meddling

For many people meddling is an addiction.  There is a constant, non-stop vigilance for the rush of the next meddling opportunity.  Free time is even consumed with thoughts of meddling.

During your special permission period, you must do none of that to engage Wu Wei.

Don’’t interfere in other people’s lives.  Don’’t express opinions about their lives.  Do not shape the course of their lives.  Let them be.  You don’’t have to like or accept what they’’re doing.  Feel what you must feel.  But don’’t shape them!

 Step 4: Let Yourself Be

When engaging Wu Wei, you must abandon self-criticism, and self judgment.  You must release yourself from measurement.  You must release yourself from expectation.

Wu Wei or Not Doing is Not Intended For Use Every Minute of The Day

To use Wu Wei every minute of the day is to flee living and the challenges and rewards of living.  Humans arechoice based creatures.  Without choice being actively made, we are actually not living as humans.  Without facing the world, we are not accumulating karma.

There is no reward from the Tao for living in prolonged flight.  We are intended to face the challenges and pleasures of the world and grow in response to them.

You can still work to cut back on the imposition of your mind on the world even if you live in the world.  You may not be able to do all of steps listed above.  Do what you can.  It’’s not a contest and whatever you do will reveal information about yourself.  From the information will flow the insights that you need to act on for personal balance.

You will make mistakes in the application of Not-Doing.  You will under do it and over do it.


Warm Regards,

Taoist Master Mike Signature

Master Mikel Steenrod

Keeper of the Gate of Man and Heaven

www.the- taoism -for-modern-world.com

P.S. If you are seeking direct mentoring in the Wu Wei process, become a mentee here.

(this article was found on this website: http://www.the-taoism-for-modern-world.com/category/mysticism-and-t...)


      I had just thought this article was very appropriate and very befitting for a Saturday night that had really turned into an earlier Sunday morning because of most of the changes I am noticing with inside of me. These changes I do not think anyone will ever know, and maybe were never supposed to be uttered with the likes of others but only if it was to possibly be able to assist in another's journey to their true calling and/or correct path that was right for them. Not all people are going to join the path we were called to walk on, so with negative criticism's (just in general) I guess it is sometimes better to just do nothing at all and to stop trying to have an opinion on just everything, lol. This would also include positive or even resourceful/constructive critisism's as well. I formulate my opinion based on what I had read on this article though. 

     I like the fact that one cannot do this at every part of the day because not only would it become habit forming for the individual, but that would not even be living at all. Basically in doing so would entail that you were following steps instead of building up a karma for yourself and ultimately just living out your waking experience for your humanly existence for you life. So with this process not being able to be mastered allows me to use it as is necessary and be able to still go through the suffering that is inevitably required for me to be able to become stronger within myself and to become awakened to my true 'self', as well. I just feel that it is very important for me to be able to 'let go' whenever it is required of me, because then it helps create the balance I have always needed for me when I am in my manic depression like states as well as in my peaceful/restful and calming-like states. 'Letting go' means to me that you are better able to clear the mind and maybe even to be able to gain more creative knowledge from the Source via outside and/or inside your being or, even both. 'Creatively' would imply that you would be able to process whatever means necessary to try and figure out a problem at hand with the closest balanced state you could muster.


     I view this as a meditation one could maybe use in their free time to get away, but never to escape. However, with this method one would be able to free their minds though. They would have a chance to think more clearer and of course at a rate and speed that was right for themselves. They would be able to creatively challenge themselves to seek maybe even higher states independantly from what they had known previously, thus being able to gain more courage within oneself. All this would have stemmed from the art of just letting go of everything and I would think letting the universal truth be able to become awaken with inside of themselves for who they are inevitably helping others as they are also being helped inside, also.  

     Although, I do not fully understand 'Wu Wei' as of yet because I have not done much reading on it, but only like a couple of articles I can come out and outright say that I think I maybe could even apply this principle into my 'toolbox' to be able to keep a stable mind. I say 'toolbox' because we all should have tools in our lives for ourselves to use at all times to tweak our lives for when things are not balanced. I like the idea that if something it too good, or if something it just always bad then maybe it is time to take out a tool to bring you back to your reality. I also say tools because it is like if we are not to have these aids and guides at all for us to use, then the divine and/or God that we know would never have supplied us with these tools. However, everything is always going to be a choice, and so I firmly will just always believe that although we may have the greatest of intentions and think things through more than anyone else we will just always be judged by a power greater than ourselves for the choices you and I would have made; they would be our actions.


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