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This month, and the next, I'll be busy with a big web redesign project I'm working on. This has already caused
me to blog less last month than usual. I will still try to blog weekly, but I'm very likely to miss a few weeks here and there.

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Horoscope Jewelry

I've set up a blog selling horoscopejewelry this month. So far I've covered the following themes: amulet
black bracelet charm custom earrings gemstones glass gold leather naval, ring, necklacependant, pewter, pin, rhinestone, rhodium, silver, stainless
watches(from the tag cloud) as well as all of the signs of the zodiac of course.

Modern Theosophy

TS Adyar membership in various sections & TS regulations The rest of my spiritual newsletter contains:

Short Quotes
Obituary: Adele Algeo
Understanding; A Study of the Mind and the Soul

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