There is a new hire at work I started working with today. So of course there was social conversation throughout the day. On the way home I mentioned this forum, and he asked me what it was about. Now of course I had to think about it a bit. Then I asked him if he went to the grocery store a lot. Of course he said he did. I asked him to think about his favorite thing in the store, the thing he buys most often. I asked him what row it was in, before he could answer, I asked him what was the first item in that row. He said he couldn't answer. I asked him what was on the shelf next to his favorite item, and he said he couldn't answer that either.

I explained to him how that was a pretty narrow focus. I asked him to consider the number of different things in that store, and the number of times he went in. Then I asked him to consider that same narrow focus, and what he saw when he walked out his front door. He admitted that he probably didn't see that much. I told him that (in general) is consciousness, and that he could choose to expand it.

I then started talking to about science. I asked him if he was familiar with the saying "The whole is more than the sum of it's parts"? He said that he had heard of it, and through a brief conversation showed he had a good understanding of what it meant. I then asked him, in general what is science about? He answered that science was about discovering facts or truth (again in general, and again a pretty good understanding). We then discussed the "big bang theory" When he described a sufficient understanding of that. I pointed out to him that one of the precepts of our science, part of the very foundation our science was built on, was that you can't get something from nothing (that in general thing again). He immediately (to his credit), said then science is wrong.

He has training as an auto mechanic, so I tied the scientific method, to how he figures out what is wrong with a car. I then pointed out to him how his trouble shooting actually begins before he ever lifts the hood, how as he approaches the cars he is looking at the whole car, listening to it, whether he was aware of it or not (I dropped the consciousness thing on him again), and tied it to "the whole is more than the sum of its parts".

I reminded him, that I was a technician, and told him that is how I look at the world, and myself. I told him that I believe there is a singular truth, that that truth is represented in everything, that we see different aspects of that truth, and thats how we see all these different things. That each of them is the whole truth, but that we only aware of what we "like" or are familiar with. That as a technician I am trying to see that singular truth in the big picture that is everything.

Then I answered his question and told him what I think is about. I told him I come here to expand my consciousness, and see more when I walk out my front door, and when I look at myself.

P.S. I'm going on a hunch here. Let me be the first to welcome him to

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