I've been a member of the Adyar TS for over 30 years. I've seen it have its scandals and I've seen the good side of it as well. Tonight I am thinking that maybe it is time for me to leave. I am tired of the political haranguing. I am tired of the hypocrisy and now, having seen the face of what it is attracting in new members, I think that perhaps there is no longer a place for me in it or perhaps there are just people I do not want to be in the same place with.

Maybe it is time for another schism, a new Theosophical Society, one that can start afresh, holding true to the vision of the founders without the baggage that has accumulated over time, one that can jettision the jargon and fake sanskrit, one capable of dealing with the world as it is, not some Leadbeaterian fantasyland.

All I know is that tonight Theosophy is not fun any more and I am going to do something about it. Just what--I have no idea. But right now I am ready to go to war.

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Comment by Charles Cosimano on June 20, 2009 at 6:15pm
When I stop being angry I'll agree with you.
Comment by Katinka Hesselink on June 20, 2009 at 2:37pm
I'm pretty sure going to war isn't going to help - but trying to do something positive will surely be welcomed by many, if you go about it the right way. Any ideas yet?

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