Where did we go wrong? When did the Theosophical Society make the wrong turn? I am inclined to think that the roots of the problem came at the very beginning, with the Masters.

Theosophists were not intended to be followers, respecters of doctrine, dogma, persons or authority. But the moment our beloved Countess Blavatskya said, "The Master said..." the groundwork was laid. People were unwilling to act or speak on their own, they needed the imagined approval of something outside of themselves. And others, followers, were willing to surrender their independence to that something.

From the Masters, it went to their mouthpieces, Annie and the Bishop and thence it would go to The World Teacher. And no one bothered to ask, "Why would anyone need a World Teacher in the first place?"

When that fell apart, it devolved to the society politicians. And one must ask why it would matter what Radha says or does? Who cares who is International President when all that really means is that the finances are cooked and lawn at Adyar gets mowed once a year? And the other societies are no better, scrunching everything into their interpretation of Blavatsky and Judge, again, authority and doctrine and dogma.

And the whole reason for the exercise is lost in the shuffle.

It is time to cut the past loose, throw the fake sanskrit over the side of the lifeboat along with the nonsense that has accrued over time. We know a hell of a lot more about how the universe works now than they did in HPB's time. The world is not the same as when Annie and the Bishop were boring people to death with their lunatic ravings. And George Arundale's hero, Adolf Hitler, lost, for which fact we are all grateful.

Surely by now we have learned the lesson that when authority speaks it is always wrong and to even listen to it leads only to damnation. It does not matter what the Masters said. It does not matter what the Buddha said. Their words are of the same value as the latest babble from Radha. Let us carve a new path and recognize that the only truth that matters is the one found in our own souls, in our own being. And let us build a new Theosophy, one that exists to help each to find that inner reality without the baggage of a world that no longer exists and the politics and control games that have gone along with it.

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Comment by Charles Cosimano on June 21, 2009 at 9:18pm
Well, I'm the last person in world to worry about what is the "right" thing to do. I'm more of a "What will work?" kind of person. But the whole notion of an external judge of "right" is what has gotten us into this damned mess. We are, in the end, all our own footballs, as the Munich Dada group said and it is time that folks stopped letting themselves be kicked around because they don't follow someone else's gameplan.
Comment by Susan Thomas on June 21, 2009 at 4:14pm
Well said, Charles. I think this is what the "Age of Aquarius" is all about, and many people find it difficult to think for themselves. My family comes to mind. (Not my kids, they're way ahead of the game, but my sisters.) All of them need a doctrine to fall back on so that they don't have to take responsibility for thinking about "what is the right thing to do?' rather than "What would Jesus do?" Just getting people to the point of thinking about what they would do if there was no doctrine or dogma would serve the people of the world very well.
Comment by Duane Carpenter on June 21, 2009 at 11:24am
Nice work Charles.
I agree with all of your comments.
If your anger and hostility towards all this foolishness that tries to pass for Theosophy has pushed you to this recent clarity then even what others might perceive as negative has some creative value.
Write on brother. I also agree with Mark statement that most people are just not self motivated and that the ultimate authority is within.

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