laws of nature and the powers latent in humanity

Beginning with journaling and the Theosophical Correspondence Course that was provided through TUP in the early 90's along with personal experiences that began merging into experiential knowledge many of the "unexplained" laws of nature and the powers latent in humanity gratefully became revealled. The occult fact of that truth also indicates that regardless of what is revealled the content and Source thereof is ageless and wise. Common sense then reveals that satories are not granted only to be like a fleeting glance through a temporary window but moreover that regardless of the magnitude and 'reality' crumbling substance each satori is like an intimate yet formal invitation to actually discover why reality is stranger than fiction.
The reason for this blog regards a personal experience that occurred through direct inference from that Source at a time when only about two years into having consciously made a choice to fully surrender and resign everything to be a full-time seeker of Truth. In my song 'Tzaba' a couple of the lyrics say 'Mind opens wide, into the sky'. That was the satori. The term 'Mind' is much easier to meter than the term 'consciousness'. It was 'mind' that COMPLETELY stopped doing anything and everything that opened the moment for that satori. The clouds were like little scalloped whisps perfectly arranged as far as the eye could see. Each little cloud was just touching the ones on either side of it as they were lined up in a line of perfect formation going both to the left and the right and the lines were in rows going as far as the eye could see both in front and in back as Sun was just high enough to make a bright golden-orange edge across the front of each little cloud and light up each cloud into an orange pastel against the bright blue background of the sky. That is just how it is recalled off the top of my head>the top inside part
My latest song is called 'Under Influences'. Almost all of the pairs of lyrics were taken from the article appearing at the front of Quest (Nov Dec 08) written by Betty Bland, titled, "The Balancing Act". It is something that is so important to always remember= under influences, remain free!

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