Krotona in the Ojai Valley - Vol IV - 1923-26 by Joseph E Ross - Brief Comments

Brief First Look - Krotona in the Ojai Valley - Vol IV - 1923-26 by Joseph E Ross - 2009. Self published.
ISBN: 978-0-925943-14-9

I just had a chance to browse through the book about the events and developments that took place around Krotona and leaders of Theosophical Society during 1923-1926. It has 464 pages of tightly packed very detailed material of great historical value and a must read for anyone interested in the history of Theosophical Society.

Even a cursory reading should convince the reader about the enormous effort that has gone into researching the material and collecting various letters and other correspondence and one can see the labor of love behind the publication.

It is going to take some time to read and digest all the material and I hope to write detailed comments on the material and historical events covered.

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