Joseph Ross’ books on Krotona

Sometimes, reading historical material gives a better perspective of TS.
Some take a simplistic view of TS as another world-wide worldly organization
like the various business and political organizations were are all familiar
with. Considering the unusual origin of TS and how and why it was launched
and the intense on-hands Adeptic guidance of TS in the early days, it makes
one think and possibly meditate.

Much of the historical details are not found in the usual official
publications of the TS since many events many not look good to the eyes of
the public.

I was fortunate in running into the Joseph Ross’ self-published
books on Krotona which contain details of the history of TS in the 1900s.

Ross is a long-time member of TS and has spent enormous amount of time in
gathering information and materials and taking the trouble to self-publish
the books.

They are must read books on TS history especially for anyone involved and
interested in TS, especially current and past leaders and aspiring leaders
and General Council members. Especially, they are a must read books for TS
politicians, professors, elders, scholars, and clairvoyants. I hope they all
read them and benefit TS and themselves.


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