Jack the Ripper and Black Magic-- new book examines TS connection to Ripper case


I just noticed this new title from McFarland on Google Books.  It includes 35 mentions of Blavatsky due to the suspicion that has fallen on one individual who was associated with the TS.

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Comment by John on August 30, 2011 at 10:38am

My wife (Louise) said she would read it and write a report. She will not buy the book. Joe?

I was surprised she offered to do this. After the DC Kalachakra/World Peace -- I have to sneak-in to watch Criminal Minds, Torchwood etc. Note:  Doctor Who is ok. <g>

She helped extract brains of Alzheimer's Patients (donated bodies - need to get tissue asap after a death). Surprisingly - reading things that are "real" with an academic attitude is not a problem.  

Sorry - too much detail.

the point is, she volunteered.

Comment by John on August 30, 2011 at 9:38am

I just saw a Ripper Wiki. There is apparently a large group of people still researching these murders. News Paper articles and a historians gold mine...

It seems R.D. Stevenson had a major leg gunshot wound (very close rage). Still had #2 shot in his leg (thigh) and the speculation is that London weather and mobility would hamper him. Also - medical knowledge was needed.... (after reading about one murder, the person had to be quick and skilled ..  not sure he had that?).

anyway - the internet ripper-wiki and related "ripperology" sites was kinda weird to stumble into.  (for me).

I had to get out of those sites. I can become a bit OCD on "one topic" when my interest peaks. It was too interesting of a "puzzle" (one of my downfalls - must avoid - or do ripperology for 6 months. Wife would try to lock me up).

Comment by Michael A. Williams on August 29, 2011 at 10:24pm

It's a fair offer, Joe, but I'm just too busy from morning to night on various projects and commitments. I don't know how I'd fit it to finish it in in any reasonable amount of time. And, I don't want to be "under the gun" of a deadline pressure, no matter how vague. The book does seems intriguing, for if the TS was under suspicion of sorts, then surely the Golden Dawn and other occult "secret societies" of the time were also. Especially given the close relationship between the TS and GD at time.

It looks like only you and me, Joe, found this book of any interest. Perhaps others will jump in now with your generous proposition.

If some are holding back because they think this type of reading is "unspiritual," let let me point out that none other that J. Krishnamurti was a fan of detective and mystery fiction and lore. No joke. It was rumored for years, then Mary Lutyens, his official biographer, verified it in her last book on him. While traveling, J.K. would often tell his secretary, Stephanie Zimbalist, to pick up some of the latest paperback detective and mystery books for airplane and hotel reading.

Comment by Michael A. Williams on August 29, 2011 at 5:14pm

Joe and Paul,

the book is too new to be available at the L. A. Library system and it's $38 new and #28 used at Amazon. It's not of vital interest to me and I can think of other things to do with the money.

Comment by K. Paul Johnson on August 29, 2011 at 3:55pm

Hi Joe and Michael,

I hope someone else is moved to read this and comment, because this variety of true crime genre is just not something I can stand to read.  The case has lots of horrendous details I've deliberately managed to avoid knowing about so far.  Books out there by Jean Overton Fuller and Patricia Cornwell of late.

The person of interest was accused of being the Ripper by Mabel Collins and Vittoria Cremers who were expelled from the ES by HPB at the same time.  His name was Robert D'Onston Stevenson.

Comment by Michael A. Williams on August 27, 2011 at 10:23pm

I second the motion, Paul. I would be especially interested in what exactly was the TS involvement and Blatvatsky in particular with the infamous case. Was it just one of the suspects was a member of the TS in London at the time? Or more? I glanced over the notes on where Blavatsky was mentioned in the book, and it seems that articles about "Jack the Ripper" appeared in the TS periodical LUCIFER at the time.

Also of interest would be was THE HERMETIC ORDER OF THE GOLDEN DAWN ever investigated regarding these murders? The title of the book does mention "Secret Societies." As has been established in a previous forum here last year, The GOLDEN DAWN(GD) and the London THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY(TS) were bound in some ways in the early days and at the time of the Jack the Ripper murders. Numerous people were members and active in both organizations. Blavatsky's personal involvement with the GD is sketchy, though, as far as I've been able to discover.

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