Interview on "A Mystery of a People" (Melungeons) for North Carolina Public Radio

For most of a decade I took a break from subjects related to esotericism, and focused on my own family history and that of mixed ancestry groups and communities of the US Southeast.  For five years I've been involved with the board of the Melungeon Heritage Association, planning and organizing annual scholarly conferences.  The week after our fifteenth annual gathering, the first in the Carolinas, I was interviewed in Durham along with filmmaker Julie Williams Dixon about Melungeons.






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Comment by K. Paul Johnson on August 23, 2011 at 8:14am
Thanks, Joe, I definitely feel a spiritual component to the work we are doing in MHA bringing these issues to light.  The scientific and historical facts about the interrelatedness of white, black, and Native Americans do have ethical and spiritual implications.  It is by a series of coincidences that I got involved with Melungeons but it has been a great adventure to work with them on the annual Unions.

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