“Deciding to search for meaning in your life suggests that such a decision means something to you.”—General Theosophy

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Comment by Michael A. Williams on October 25, 2011 at 10:10am
The same "who,' Joe, that realized you made a decision and decided to tell us about it. Congrats!
Comment by Olga Stolyarchik on October 24, 2011 at 11:21pm

  Exactly right! While searching for my soul's purpose and grown older, a search become the spiritual quest.

A year ago I did not know much about theosophy, short of a Theo- mean God and sophy- wisdom.

Shortly after I've experienced a Full Spiritual Awakening, I had a dream. I saw a young Buddha holding a lotus flower in his hand walking up the stairs that was made from a rocks on the side of big mountain. I want to ask him a question  saying:"The Great Master a...." He put his finger to his lips and said: "Shh,don't said that. I have to climb all the way on the top and there will be the door and the only if I will learn all the wisdom climbing over these big  rocks, slippery and unstable, but I'm must not see it as uncertain, it is the challenges in which I have to win. A winner will have the key from the door on the top of the mountain

I was afraid to ask anything else and starts climbing behind a Buddha and he was young and strong, and soon he were far away up to a hill. I got so disappointed of myself, thinking:"How could I even assuming that I can climb the wall of the wisdom with The Buddha. This is just a dream but, why instead of embarrassing myself with such childish act, asked him a question, the one. I've been searching for all my life for the answer."

Then I heard a voice of Buddha sound like an echo from the top of the stairs. He said: " You've  climbed up a long time and learned much more that you believe you had learned. Stop the self-doubt and not be so hard on yourself. When you get there, you'll find something, left it for you by the door. The door will opens as a book that you will study and there will be answer for your Higher purpose in this life.

The door soon appeared in front of my eyes, and by the door there  was a white lotus flower. I've picked up the flower and the door slowly starts opening up. That was the end of my dream.

When I have such a profound dreams, I'll not stop until all the dream puzzles will be connected. Didn't took me long time until I'd found the direction to that "door", and the address - www.theosophy.net. I knock on the door very softly, “holding a lotus flower in my hand”,hoping that someone twill tell me where to go next. This website gave me all the information and now I am proud to say: I am a theosophist , the Theosophy is the name of my faith.

Please accept my biggest and sincere apologies for mild to moderate grammatical mistakes and incorrect sentencing,  lacking the knowledge of English language. I'd come in United States already in my 30s to reunite after 17 years, with my father who got terminally ill. Working 2 jobs and take care of him, there was no time for a school. Now I am 44 years old and I am doing the best I can, practicing everyday to do better. Self-educated from first words speaking hello and goodbye, I was learning English like I learned how to write music notes (from 7 years of the music school playing a piano).

My native language is Russian. In the high school, Russian Language, World Literature and History , has a passion for Astronomy, chosen as top major, graduated with excellency stated in the diploma. There are absolutely different grammar and sentencing with 32 letters in a Russian alphabet. But I have to live my life, when have to fully retired,(paid all the taxes for full retierment by age 38) Permanent spinal injury after the accident, and fighting a cancer is the reason why?! However, illnesses wont make me, the Higher Mind is much stronger.

Reaching others through the net is the way of the communication, and my 10+ hours work at home. Letting myself to be so insecure about my English skills,( I did it long enough) and shy away, felt bad when people ether make some comments or just shout me out, is what was the Buddha said in my dream. Uncertain is the not the way to look

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