"Happiness is not what you think but what you don't think."—General Theosophy

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Comment by Richard Ihle on November 29, 2016 at 10:16pm
Comment by Richard Ihle 2 hours ago
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Greetings and good wishes, Seij, from Sun Prairie, Wisconsin! I hope you continue to be well in every way.

Is thinking a choice?

Unfortunately, probably not in every moment. This may be especially true in the wake of unpleasant life situations or negative surprises. Even being compelled to just temporarily utilize the emotionally tainted type of psychological consciousness normally requires some sort of "re-balancing" in its aftermath—both pictorially (dream and/or daydream replays) and verbally (which can also include the "talking to oneself" which many regard as their "thinking").

However, and perhaps hopefully, it probably also depends on what Degree of Self-Awareness (possibly trans-lifetime) the person has attained. This is because maintaining the "Once-Removed Vantage" (i.e., not losing "Mindfulness") at the various Levels of consciousness can operate something like a "clutch" mechanism for the psyche of the moment—that is, it can diminish or "semi-dissolve" the direct impact of particular physical, emotional, and mental experiences. 

For example, a "S-A-4" (a person who has attained the Fourth Degree of Self-Awareness) might still have some "clutch control" while utilizing Third-Level "desire-feeling" consciousness but be completely helpless to prevent his or her total egoic delusion while utilizing Fourth-Level "desire-mental" (kama-manas) consciousness.  (In the foregoing instance this "semi-Self identity error" would take the form of "I really AM temporarily my like-dislike tainted thinking.)

Therefore, a S-A-5 could often clutch Fourth-Level consciousness but not Fifth-Level consciousness (neutral, dispassionate ideas/cognitions); however, a pioneering S-A-6 . . . well, that is what budding Adeptship is all about, isn't it? . . .

Anyway, perhaps even choice-less, automatic thinking may not always be such a bad thing.  I mean, it can sometimes be just the "vapor trail" which forms after the jet of intuition flies over.  On the other hand, as John so insight-fully pointed out, if your intuition unfortunately happens to be about Donald Trump . . . well, . . .

Thank you, Seij, for the worthy question.

Comment by John on November 28, 2016 at 3:57pm

Thinking is an option; one practices this ability, usually in silence. I will grant that it can be hard to not think about some things..  living in the US during this election is an example (i.e. 2016 Trump vs the world).

Basically - one must learn to control the mind, but it is just another step towards Bliss.  <G>

Comment by Seij on November 28, 2016 at 7:01am
Is thinking a choice?

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