What is consciousness? I would say it's (now, not the past or future but (the now) that you are aware of). It would seem to me that, time stands still, when one is having a (OBE) experience. But when we are (now conscious, we are at that moment, that's not past or present. When we have a external moment, time is present, where when we are having a internal conscious moment, time stands still. 

Are we aware and conscious of (a moment in time)? If we have a OUB then time stands still. Does one when driving or having a great time actually think about the time at that happy moment. I grasp at the sub conscious here, but not the unconscious. Are we aware of our internel moments more than our external ones are vice versa? When I had my OBE I was totally aware of my OBE, but not aware where I was or doing at that moment, I feel I was being lead by God without any consciousness other than the moment. Paul

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