Sri Aurobindo,

After studying Sri Aurobindo, the word reincarnation comes to my mind. I am now wondering if our spirit is reincarnated while we are still alive and in our body. I know I have changed somehow because I (sense) it. If we can change our mind (which might be our spirit) and our life, why can't we change our spirit as well? My thoughts are Adam and Eve didn't die physically but I think they dies spiritually from God. Thus our divine nature was seperated from God to our fallen nature.

Then we must search for a way back to God through our fallen nature, which God created in us to do. We lost that divine nature at the fall and God has given us a way back through many ways of the different religions and knowledges. I do not dispute what other believe reincarnation means to others, just to me. Thoughts? Paul

Triple transformation of the individual[edit]

Sri Aurobindo argues that Man is born an ignorant, divided, conflicted being; a product of the original inconscience (i.e. unconsciousness) inherent in Matter that he evolved out of. As a result, he does not know the nature of Reality, including its source and purpose; his own nature, including the parts and integration of his being; what purpose he serves, and what his individual and spiritual potential is, amongst others. In addition, man experiences life through division and conflict, including his relationship with others, and his divided view of spirit and life.[33]

To overcome these limitations, Man must embark on a process of self-discovery in which he uncovers his Divine nature. To that end, he undertakes a three-step process, which he calls the Triple Transformation.[34]

(1) Psychic Transformation—The first of the three stages is a movement within, away from the surface of life, to the depths, culminating in the discovery of his psychic being (the evolving soul). From that experience, he sees the oneness and unity of creation, and the harmony of all opposites experienced in life.[34]

(2) Spiritual Transformation—As a result of making the psychic change, his mind expands and he experiences knowledge not through the hard churning of thought, but through light, intuition, and revelation of knowledge, culminating in supramental perception. Light enters from the heights and begins to transmute various parts of his being.[34]

(3) Supramental transformation—After making the psychic and spiritual change, he makes the supramental and most radical change. It is basically a complete transformation of the mind, the heart, the emotions, and the physical body.[34]


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