Below are a couple of excerpts from a 1987 dialogue between Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet and a student, which analyses the Christian conception of Genesis, the denial of evolution and the problem of an 'absolute evil'. The dialogue [posted on PURANIC COSMOLOGY UPDATED in FULL] provides a wider view of what the story and symbolism of Genesis portrays.

‘Man is not final, he is a transitional being.
Beyond him awaits formation the diviner

race, the superman.’

– Sri Aurobindo

PNB: ... in a sense the Christian theory, Genesis, is right. In a ‘sense’.

It is that man descended ‘ready made’.

PNB: . . . In a way it is right.

The trouble is when you understand it literally then it becomes disastrous because it becomes a dogmatic falsehood.

PNB: And it is a joke because then you say NO to the other, YES to this. Whereas in actual fact, what I am saying is yes to the both of them, because without that evolutionary process the human consciousness . . . Because as you mentioned before, it is true: it is involved. Mind is involved, life is involved in matter. So it is a question of this gradual unfolding. And the animal phase of this was very important because that developed life. That is that vital level (vital-physical, really speaking). That was what was unfolding then.

Then comes the other. And obviously you’ve got to find forms that are suitable to this habitat. ...


PNB: .... So, we are in this transitional phase, and we are working on the consciousness which will then be able to develop its own forms accordingly.

'It is a very important phase. It is essential, because without this nothing else happens. But it is not that you, or me, or somebody else . . . we are going to turn into the supramental beings overnight, because it is really . . . . It is irrelevant! That is not the point.

'The point is to prepare the Earth for this advent, in whatever way then that the Divine . . . you see, it gets far more ‘mechanical’ than that, in whatever way this seed flowers. Of course it already contains in itself the means for its own flowering. And, as I’ve already said, the Supermind creates its own conditions.'


From Man to Superman

‘Man is a transitional being, he is not final. He is too imperfect for that, too imperfect in capacity for knowledge, too imperfect in will and action, too imperfect in his turn towards joy and beauty, too imperfect in his will for freedom and his instinct for order. Even if he could perfect himself in his own type, his type is too low and small to satisfy the need of the universe. Something larger, higher, more capable of a rich all-embracing universality is needed, a greater being, a greater consciousness summing up in itself all that the world set out to be. He has . . . to exceed himself; man must evolve out of himself the divine superman; he was born for transcendence. Humanity is not enough, it is only a stepping-stone; the need of the world is a superhuman perfection of what the world can be, the goal of consciousness is divinity. The inmost need of man is not to perfect his humanity, but to be greater than himself, to be more than man, to be divine, even to be the Divine.’

– Sri Aurobindo

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