EGYPT: The Gift of the Nile - A New Theory

I know that Egyptologists, academics and other intelligent people looking at the Egyptian culture and religious beliefs have a complete misunderstanding of what they are looking at.  I am an esoterist; therefore, I look at problems esoterically as well as exoterically.

My expertise lies in the study of the first chapter of Genesis esoterically: what this means is that every letter of the Torah’s texts has a symbol associated to it and every letter is alphanumerically structured and the text has to be studied this way or not at all. I have been studying the first chapter of Genesis for almost four decades and there is no doubt in my mind that the esoteric storyline of the Torah, that run parallel to the exoteric storyline, in its symbolic and alphanumeric structure is base solely upon the Egyptian esoteric religion.

The key to understanding Egypt is the Nile River when its waters yearly dump its black earth onto both the east and west shores: fertilizing the land (or it did in ancient times before the Aswan Dam destroyed that esoteric nuance).  Note that on the west side of the Nile only temples built to the dead are allowed; in contrast, on the east side of the Nile only temples built to life are allowed. This is because the Egyptian believe that when the Sun set in the west it died and is reborn the next day after descending into the DUAT: First Times, which is also the name of the pyramid complex on the Giza plateau.

In looking at a map of the mainland of Egypt (not the Sinai) as the left and right brain with the pineal gland represented by the Nile you would have a somewhat perfect grasp of what Egypt is all about. Note that the Pharaoh headdress has a serpent at the point of the forehead where the pineal gland lies representing the Kundalini Serpent.

Taking the symbolism of what the pineal gland function is believed to represent and contrast that to what the Nile gives to Egypt overflowing the brain so-to-speak revitalizing the soul/psyche of the individual it is not difficult to grasp that Egypt was all about spiritual life: not materialistic death.

I can tell you unequivocally that the geologic landscape of Egypt is a symbolic representation of the first word of Genesis: BERESHITH (בראשית), which is translated a number of ways: one is “in the beginning”, which most of us are familiar with; however, BERESHITH (בראשית) can also be translated “in (the) first sign”. The first sign of the Zodiac is Aries/April. April First is the traditional date that the Jews have for God creating the universe.

The letter/word RESH (ראש) represents symbolically the Nile River. BETH (ב) symbolically represents the eastern shores of the Nile and YUD (י) and TAV (ת) combined symbolically represent the western shores of the Nile.

BERESHITH (ראשית) can be analyzed ad infinitum: believe me it has a bottomless depth. Many of those interpretations have to do with the Egyptian culture: especially the Sphinx and the nine pyramids on the Giza plateau; however, most important now is the discovery that BERESHITH (בראשית) is a map of the entire Egyptian landscape on both a physical and esoteric level.

Also BERESHITH (בראשית)  is the entire bible: meaning that the Old and New Testaments are commentaries on its infinite depths.

I did not want to air out in the blog the enormous implications of this theory; however, consider that the geodetic location of Egypt had to be studied and surveyed (especially Sinai, which has esoteric nuances relating to this theory) long before it was chosen by the people that colonized the area, which means that the entire Egyptian religion esoterically had to be completely understood by its indigenous culture long before the land of Egypt was inhabited by the colonizers.  This places the birth of Egypt long before five thousand years ago; rather, it place it beginning far into antediluvian times: before Babel.

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Comment by William John Meegan on April 2, 2013 at 3:54am

Mary Magdalene:

That was a great link.  I like Carlo Suares works.  And I do believe in the word for word esoteric interpretation of the Hebrew texts.  Not many do it.

I am actually working up a plan to interpret esoterically each word of the first four chapters of Genesis.  It will be more of a three language interpretation: Hebrew, English and Esoteric.  Then I will do a word for word commentary on each word explaining my esoteric method of interpretation; however, I am looking at the very least two to three years before completing the project.

I have been putting off this project for over twenty years.  I could not really do the job until now.  I finished the first two verses of Genesis, which is not much but I myself was amazed how easily my esoteric translation came forth.  I credit that to almost forty years of research.  In fact I have not really finished the first two verses.  Yes, the three translations, of the first two verses of the Torah, are complete but the commentary on each word is not yet complete, though there are only 21-words. 

There are 1449 for the first four chapters of Genesis, which I will demonstrate actually exudes a gigantic Zodiac/Calendar year, which is imitated on the Sistine Chapel ceiling exactly.  It is an amazing accomplishment those renaissance artists of the Catholic Church did in that chapel.

Comment by Mary Magdalene on April 2, 2013 at 1:13am
Comment by William John Meegan on March 24, 2013 at 12:03am

Capt. Anand Kumar:

Yes, I know it all goes back to India as the oldest known civilization but I am certain that it even predate the Hindu religion.  I know that the 10 x 10 matrix created the Chinese I Ching oracle and the game of Chess.  It is obviously the impetus for the creation of civilizations throughout human history.  I even discovered that it is the foundation of the  double helix in the DNA molecules and being the sole cause of the 23-sets of chromosomes in the human body.  The Fibonacci Sequence actually mirrors the mathematics of the matrix.  It is also the foundation of Astrology.  All coming from this Universal Mathematical Matrix.  Now this forum have given me India to research.  It has been a great day.

I have also downloaded the PDF FILE on "Astronomy of the Satapatha Brahmana"

Comment by William John Meegan on March 23, 2013 at 11:43pm


I have a trilogy of books on this esoteric science: especially describing how I envisaged the 10 x 10 matrix.

Go to my most recent book, which outlines the entire process along with explain other Christian artwork.

THE SISTINE CHAPEL: A Study in Celestial Cartography, The Mysteries...

Comment by Capt. Anand Kumar on March 23, 2013 at 11:10pm

The geometrical basis for creation of altars is described in detail in the ancient Indian text (perhaps predating Egyptian Civilization) called Satapatha Brahman Part 4. You may also find the astronomical significance of such geometry useful. 

Comment by Hari Menon on March 23, 2013 at 10:19pm

Dear William ,

        Glad you found those sites useful,  I guess you should write a book with your analysis , it would be a great thing for posterity - we do not know whether people will find the time in future or interest to do dedicated and original research like you have done . 

Comment by William John Meegan on March 23, 2013 at 10:00pm


I have visited both sites and was absolutely astounded because you have given me evidence of the matrix I conceived around 1997-1998 from an analysis of Dante Alighieri's La Divina Commedia.  He structured his entire work on that matrix.  My discovery of that matrix is the apex of my research: all else stems form it.

Sketch of a kolam design in rice powder seen on a threshold in Tiruvanamalai, South India, December 1999.

Here is a Kamea of Saturn: 3 x 3 square.  Now look at the top of the lamp 3 x 3 design.

Two Vastupurusha mandala plans from architectural texts. Drawings from George Michell's book The Hindu Temple

Now this is the matrix I discovered.  The Kamea of Saturn above is a mini-version of this.  From this matrix comes the entire artwork of Christianity.

Thanks again for those sites.

Comment by William John Meegan on March 23, 2013 at 12:19pm


You got it right the second time: the name is William.  Thank you for those websites I will enjoy going through that material.

Also like your phrase 'septic tanks'.  I often you the phrase 'rotting corpses.

I do intend to add more to this blog and that is because interpretations of symbols are infinite; especially when a new theory is being developed.  Initially, the main idea comes but then as time goes by, or sleep on it as I do, new nuances to that theory are forthcoming.

India is far far older than Egypt, Judaism and Christianity.  A few years ago they had a film called "Mystic India", where a seventeen century Swami was portrayed as going down one side and up the other side of the great India peninsula going through all the cultures of India.    It is a great film.  The point I am making is that India has a deeper reservoir of knowledge into the mystic realm then any of the Western Cultures.  This is why you see the Kundalini in all these religions.  All new religions have to borrow their symbolism from other cultures.  I can only assume that some where in antiquity when India's religions were first emerging that they borrow from further antiquity.

As you can see with my researches I am locked into about the first four chapters of Genesis especially the first chapter.  I do not think that a true mystic can really embrace much more if all is within the given material.  Our scriptures have but 1189 chapters but India has tens of thousands.  The point is that I feel that I've only begun the first block of a modern pyramid.  Hopefully, there will come a new golden age.

Your remarks about the sun and moon are apropos; however, these are only symbols of ego-consciousness and the unconscious.  They are also symbols of Orion and the Cygnus constellations. This is why I believe that the fourth day of creation in the first chapter of Genesis doesn't mention the two great luminaries directly.   In fact I will be working on just this point in the next day or two trying to write it out to clarify my own thoughts.  That is how I work out most of my intuitive ideas.  This is how I turn CHAOS into ORDER.

I had always seen the Moon as good and not evil.  That is before I learned it was symbolic to the unconscious mind.

Comment by Hari Menon on March 23, 2013 at 6:50am

Dear William , 

        Just for your information I am putting a couple of links which might help your mind to soar , passports and countries came into being only recently previously it was only settlements of various cultures.

Comment by Hari Menon on March 23, 2013 at 6:22am

Dear John,

  You are absolutely correct , people rarely take a world wide view of things , what is the point in living in a very cloistered consciousness like animals just eating , sleeping , breeding and the whole dreary cycle repeats itself , ad nauseum . They do not understand that discipline and great perseverance endows a kind of freedom not known or got by just being wanton in acts . The more a person becomes self disciplined the more freedom he gains , but people will just not try it or persevere with it . There are hardly any writers these days who can even endow their writings with the imagery that is there in the ancient texts and enliven them to an extent that will leave troves of knowledge for future generations. Something seems to have gone seriously wrong with man and his evolution the past 100 or 150 years have been quite damaging considering the human beings total evolution on earth . The means are so openly available and they are so cheap as not to cost any money wherien a man may improve himself - unlike scientific books and other things which cost so much , yet people somehow chose the road that is in their opinion more "easy'' and conducive to wanton behaviour . I am always reminded of the biblical statement "Man does not live on bread alone " - Faith is the tool for an inward quest , but people still need evidence - that one is alive and exists is not a good enough starting point for many !!. The world is very strange - yes it is very true we are all just septic tanks moving around . If we look carefully a woman if she is lucky (or a man ) may be beautiful for just a period of 5 or 6 years in their lives on the physical plane . I have read about Carl Munck and his work on archeocryptology - but it was some time back in connection with an article which appeared in my state on Astrology , because we have thousands upon thousands of temples here in india and they also had some specific mathematical calculations etc etc which were involved and , many ahve very fascinating aspects as they are not just some structure made at some vague place - they are considered as 

"Places of power'' by us and mostly it has a relation to the sun and world etc - It was in this context that the learned author had quoted some works of Munck . People do not understand that a spiritual journey into the self is such a multi disciplinary thing , it "makes or forces"" you to study things which it feels are necessary for your progress inward and sometimes though we wonder why on earth we are being forced to study things we never even intended , in the long run it all merges to give a larger picture and with understanding. I quite like what you have written , it is deeper than the simplicity with which you present it - I guess a person can spend a life time on it and be so innundated with knowledge that he will have to come up gasping for breath from time to time !!.  The egyptians were great sun worshipers and , They do also have the southern and northern paths etc in their lore . They also had a pretty detailed Moon worship which was not evil in any way - but with mans penchant to associate anything black with evil - it has probably given rise to the demonology and other rubbish relating to Egyptian mythology . Metaphors and allegories are not quite understood the way they are meant to these days - we tend to be very superficial in our approach and ascribe violence , evil ,dark meanings to shadows and colours.

I love reading you , great stuff William !,  

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