In this blog posting, and some follow-ups, I plan to deal concisely and informally with the fascinating route from wish to reality. There have been quite some authors who have been writing and lecturing about this, especially in newage circles. However, I draw my material from other sources: Roberto Assagioli, the Italian psychiatrist who laid down the foundation for psychosynthesis, and a more recent, Dutch, writer, Marinus Knoope, the discoverer of "the creation spiral" and the pair-wise operation of so-called "negative" emotions.

I am especially interested in Assagioli's work Act of Will and Knoope's work on the creation spiral. The two have some ideas in common regarding creation work. Knoope's work is now being used to help children and adults help to formulate their dreams/wishes, at schools and in communities in the Netherlands. It is also used by some consultants in transformation work in the business environment.

ALthough Knoope's work to my knowledge as yet hasn't been translated into English, I will give you some English terms associated with his twelvefold cycle.

Also see from which I will give a few quotes.

(Kingston):"The Creation Spiral states that we are destined to realize our wishes, just like a apple seed is destined to become an apple tree. The new thing is that the proces of manifesting an intention is identical to the growth of a tree from a seed. There are twelve steps, which you can visualize as the numbers on a clock. You can also compare it to fruit that grows throughout the seasons."

I. Winter:

1. Wish/desire/See
2. Imagine/give form
3. Believe/have faith

II. Spring:

4. Tell/communicate/network/share
5. Research
6. Plan

III. Summer:

7. Decide
8. Act
9. Persevere

IV. Fall:

10. Receive (the fruits of your work)
11. Value/appreciate
12. Relax/rest/let go

And then, the cycle starts anew. New ideas/wishes manifest, that is, if you listen to what comes up in the recesses of your mind.
There can and will be blockages, potentially at every step, called "negative" emotions (but a source of power), and these are dealt with by Knoope in his latest book. These emotions fulfil an important role as paradoxes surround the creative process.
The twelve steps can be projected on a circle. The opposites on the circle seem to have an analogous function, but in another phase or level. I cannot go into that now.

(Kingston) "There is more to it, but the main thing we can see is that you can never skip any of the steps (excluding synchronicity), just like an apple can not skip any step in its growth process. The Creation spiral helps me organize all the aspects of an intention in order. Like The Secret, it recognizes that you can achieve more than you think. And it also recognizes that there is more to manifesting intentions (reaching goals) than planning and action."

(Pegasus: "This sounds similar to the scientific method:
Winter = identifying the intention
Spring = Researching and then forming a hypothesis
Summer = Acting or experimenting
Fall = Appreciating or evaluating the results")

There is a grouping of three phases each under four "seasons". This is in parallel to the seasons in nature, like the seasonal budding, growth, blossoming and fruition of trees.
Phase I ("winter season") often has a lot of emotional blockages associated with it. People have difficulty with discovering/acknowledging their deepest wishes, give form to it, and especially faith (in their own abilities or in support of their network) is lacking.
Phase IV (Fall) has its own stressful aspects. Many can't receive properly, or don't know how to appreciate/value results/"fruits" or cannot relax (let go) for a while. And so with the other seasons. Know those who can't decide? People who cannot persevere? People who cannot share/communicate? It occurs to me that this wheel/circle can be used as a diagnostic tool.
There is much more to this cycle than Knoope acknowledges himself, and I hope to complement the scheme a bit with some ideas of Assagioli and myself, in a next posting.

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