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Did ancient philosophers have a method to contact the Spirit?

Did ancient philosophers have a method to align themselves with the Divine realms (or Spirit)?

From what we know about them, some of them certainly did. Part of this method consisted of studying the philosophical and poetic works of their forefathers. They assembled in Mystery Schools of old, where the spirit of the group took them to new levels of understanding by inspiration and, of course, exchanging their ideas about the Good, the Just and the Beautiful. Plato is well…


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Just 48 hours left to urge for labeling genetically modified food!

Right now we have 48 hours left to tell President Obama and the FDA that it’s time to label genetically engineered foods on a legal petition filed with the FDA by the Just Label It coalition. Tomorrow is the deadline to make comment, please add your voice…


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Culture wars: three perspectives on our world today

This essay discusses the segmentation of the world, more particularly the Western world, into three cultural groups: Moderns, Traditionals and Cultural Creatives. There is a fierce polarity to be found here. Can Cultural Creatives bridge the gap that exists between Moderns and Traditionals? 

This essay is a kind of informal sociological analysis. It is a sequel to my analysis of the…


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Threefold gunas in psychology: how the ancients had it right

Recently I discovered how the ancient concept of the gunas (sattva, rajas, tamas or balance/harmony, activity, inertia) can be applied to psychological processes. My work on the self-help introduction involved study of material that immensely helped me to integrate these concepts into the decision making process.


Attached you will find a study on the gunas, seen here as qualities of mind, expressed…


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You contribute to the mosaic of life.

Do you make beautiful patterns?

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Beyond Reductionism (7)

Weiss, part five.

Open systems

Weiss mentions here his use of escape clauses as "to all intents

and purposes", "relatively bounded", "relatively constant", "essential" in relation to the issue of the non-existence of wholly autonomous, tightly bounded, systems of any order of magnitude and complexity.…


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Beyond Reductionism (6)

Weiss, part four

Hierarchy: a biological necessity

To stress the need for viewing living organisms as hierarchically

ordered systems, ponder the following facts. The average cell in the human body

consists of about eighty per cent of water and for the rest contains about 10^5



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Beyond Reductionism (5)

Weiss, part three

Reductionism and holism

Weiss next tries to define basic criteria that mark a complex of parts for designation as a system. First, however, he talks about the controversy in biology between "reductionism" and "holism". The former finds its advocates in the field of "molecular biology". The latter term can be used to imply a deliberate “self-limitation of…


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Beyond Reductionism (4)

Weiss, part two


From analysis to synthesis

By looking from single objects to their interrelations with others,

one reverses his direction from analysis to synthesis. By doing this,

one discovers simple rules which describe the interrelations between…


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Beyond Reductionism (3)

The living system: determinism stratified

Paul A. Weiss*

Rockefeller University, New York

A summary of Weiss's main points, as far as relevant to the purpose of this blog, follows.

Emphasis is largely mine. This is a long article, from which I retain the headings of the…


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Beyond Reductionism (2)

We continue with Piaget and Inhelder:

“There is a second difference between physical experience and logico-mathematical experience or deduction. Whilst the latter, proceeding by means of reflective abstractions, leads to progressive purification (whose final stages are today those of the formalization peculiar to "pure" mathematics), physical experience is always a sort of "mixture". There is in fact no "pure" experience in…


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Beyond Reductionism (1)

In this series of blog posts, I will summarize and quote parts of some books that deal with the problems of reductionism.

The first book that draw my attention, was the famous book "Beyond reductionism", New perspectives in the life sciences, which is a report from the Alpbach Symposium held in 1968. Participants were, among others, Arthur Koestler [holons!], J.R. Smythies, Ludwig von Bertalanffy [systems theory], Paul Weiss, Jean Piaget[developmental psychology], Paul Maclean…


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The wayseer manifesto..

For all the mavericks, misfits, seers.. enjoy the following video:


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Famous Myers book on the afterlife now available on my scribd page

At my scribd page you will now find the famous book of Frederic Myers on his research on the afterlife.




While at my page, be so kind to Like it!





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Redefining Christianity - Leslie Hershberger Coming Home webcourse

See video. Leslie, a theologian, deconstructs Christianity and brings the value of love, one's unique perspective, manifesting Christ through one's person, meditation, feminine perspective of the holy Trinity, and much more back to the Christian religion. The times they  are a changing..


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Modern Science and the Dehumanization of Man

 This article from Philip Sherrard really makes one think..

Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated. We will all become Borg. Or not..? That's the question.


Added by Martin Euser on January 17, 2011 at 6:41pm — 10 Comments

Integrative philosophy (3)

Integrative philosophy (3)

The global financial crisis in the perspective of the fourfold model of society.…


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Integrative philosophy (2)

Integrative philosophy (2)

The next examples are rather complicated. The sciences involved are relatively young, and there is some unfamiliar terminology to study (unless one has biological, medical and organizational knowledge). For those who want to be able to follow this posting, it will be necessary to do a little study of anatomy and the functions of the human nervous system. It will also be necessary to study… Continue

Added by Martin Euser on October 2, 2010 at 5:48pm — 1 Comment

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