Converstion of hard copies to electronic medium

Many times we may like to convert hard copies to electronic medium by scanning them. Theosophists world-wide are a minuscule in numbers and many are acquainted with each other. With the scanners becoming inexpensive, there would be an urge to convert hard copies of documents to a pdf file. However, we want to avoid re-inventing the wheel by trying to scan hard copy books and periodicals wasting time and labor. Anytime, we are embarking on a scanning project, it would be a good idea to inquire if anyone has already done it because many times someone has done it and there is no publicity about it.

An easy way is to post a message in theosophical forums such as theos-talk and theosnet ning inquiring. If some one has already done it, they will surely contact the inquirer and most likely off-line. Recently, when I was contemplating a scanning project, I was surprised to find that some one else had already done it, thus saving all the effort of re-inventing the wheel.

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