I have considered consciousness from many different perspectives. The perspective I am currently exploring is that there is only one consciousness.

For the sake of this description lets call it universal consciousness, and lets call the consciousness that could be seen as my consciousness, individual consciousness. They are both the same consciousness, but individual consciousness is only part (or a subset) of universal consciousness.

Now so far there is nothing physical in this description, so this consciousness could be independent or outside the physical universe.

This description says that each of our individual consciousnesses are just different parts of a single consciousness that we share.

If we look at the descriptions of what we call god, many of them can be found within this description. What I have not found in this description, is the capability for god to have an active part. That appears to come from thought, which I can connect this, but is a further "reduction" of consciousness.

If you look at some of the "craziness" that we are trying to understand today, a single shared consciousness can begin to take form.

The weirdness of quantum mechanics, such as entanglement, the double slit experience, the probability wave itself, all become a little more realistic.

I define energy as the difference of two potentials. If single shared consciousness existed, and an individual consciousness or perspective is possible, couldn't that be the two different potentials needed for energy to flow? Couldn't this be seen as the beginnings of thought, and if carried out a little further, a form of energy that the physical aspects of our universe can precipitate out of?

If you spend some time with this concept, the implications that come out of it can be staggering.

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