Chart of U.S. Capitol and Life after Death

I'm reading the "Lost Symbol" and noted the time and date that Brown gave for the laying of the cornerstone of the Capitol building. In the Capitol's horoscope Sagittarius, the legislative sign is rising. And Jupiter is very close to the Ascendant. This brings good things and people to this building. Planets are up at the top of the chart also, which makes honors possible. Looks like George, Ben, and L'Enfant did a good job of picking the time.

Also, I'm very excited about medical doctor, Jeff Long's book, "Evidence for the Afterlife". He was inteviewed on the Today Show last week. He says he has proof from the testimonies fof people who have had near death experiences for life after death. Expansive Jupiter has gone into the belief sign, Pisces. This book could increase belief in the world of a fundamental human condern.

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