To Unlock the Clarity of ones inner self, you have to view everything outside the box. Metaphoricaly the box is the people and places and things on earth. With every action there is consequence. No one is better than any other. We always assume we have things to offer those we trust, trust being the key word. What gives a person the right not to trust someone. We allow ourselves to be defeated by the past. If one can trust himself and those around him, than we can discover the true meaning of why we are here. Trust goes along way. If we dont like what we see, we can not just turn a blind eye. We must find out what they see in the cause that a person creates. By calming the mind, we can walk and talk and feel at ease. If you are full of thoughts and negative doughts. Than trust becomes an issue. Relax the heart and do not retalliate what could be the truth. Walk outside your comfort zone.

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