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Calm the Mind Relax the heart

To Unlock the Clarity of ones inner self, you have to view everything outside the box. Metaphoricaly the box is the people and places and things on earth. With every action there is consequence. No one is better than any other. We always assume we have things to offer those we trust, trust being the key word. What gives a person the right not to trust someone. We allow ourselves to be defeated by the past. If one can…


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opening of the mind

Opening Of The Mind


Bing Escudero

An open mind begins with a closed

mouth. We can take a better view of

this with a sense of humor. Or else,

some truths can be just too crashing to

an expanded ego.

For example, when there is a

gathering of closed minds, it is easy to

find as many mouths that outdo each

other because they can hardly stay

closed. The secret of a closed mouth is

with the tongue, since the mouth has…


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Self-control and Spreading the Word

Liberal Catholic Church, Th.S.

The Most Rev. John R. Schwarz III, Presiding Bishop


2114 East 15th St. Tulsa OK 14104 Phone 918--149-3580

Self-control and Spreading the Word

A Sunday talk by Bing Escudero

@ May 16,1993

The virtue of self-control brings forth the

wisdom of the word that is to be spread. Without

self-control, the spreading of the word is bound to

be out of control.

The word is the truth. And the… Continue

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confidence by Bing Escudero



Bing Escudero

Confidence is the true

meaning of faith. To have

confidence is to have faith.

Likewise, to have faith is to

have confidence. Thus a

false confidence is

synonymous with blind faith.

For ignorance is the

underlying cause of false

confidence. When there is

blind or wrong knowledge,

the faith will be false, no

matter how much the


When there is wisdom,

then there is enlightened faith

as… Continue

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