What is Blissful state and is it possible to attain such a state?

Being happy is the birth right of every creature. Being Independent, having a free choice and to act in a line appealing to oneself is similarly the birth right. For various reasons, we have imposed certain constraints and restraints to our activity and behavior. These have become necessary that one’s interests do not cross with the other. Counter action is detrimental to all progress. To take care that others’ interest are not overrun, we draw sociological and ethical or religious rules for every time adoption. Sometimes these are good, and many times counter productive. One has to carefully review these matters. What is considered good today may not be that good tomorrow. Rethinking on these lines is called ‘re-formation’ or ‘re-structuring.’

Normally we place ourselves at different moods at different times. Absorbed in reading a book, we often forget our environment and it takes an external movement to bring us back. When something unhappy occurs, we close ourselves into ourselves and are not interested in coming out of the shell for a time. Worries, anxieties, anticipations and the like occupy our mind and too often we do not give much attention to the body physic. The locale we live in, the state of mind that is occupying our attention is one thing. A capacity to re-view this, re-orient this if necessary is another thing. This means we have an inherent capacity or faculty to look at ourselves, consider the state in which we are imbedded is good, bad or indifferent, and attempt to modify the mood.

Besides the physical and mental or psychological locales, we have a sort of Intelligence that guides us, leads us towards a goal, however far fetching it is. Many times, we are not aware of this guidance or the seeming leadership. Becoming aware of it is a natural state of our being. Once we are aware, there can be a way finding, to improve, nurture or cultivate that and make further advance. Each person is supposed to find out his or her own way of philosophy and thus make pathways for the ultimate, whatever that be. Identification with what we have is a common trait with us. Identification brings in an attachment and a desire ‘not to separate or depart’ from that.

A strong link is made with the objects, ideas, predilections and similar situations. Experience, memory, desire to repeat play a great part in all this. Looking at all this phenomena as very momentary and transitory, a craving or urge starts, springs from within, and as we give attention to that it occupies and fills all our being. There is a sense of extension and expansion. Can happiness be made a permanent and perpetual factor with us? Non-identification with the transitory and binding oneself to an assumed state of Ultimate happiness might serve as the means. The assumed state may, to start with, be imaginary but when perceived intimately moves us nearer the Reality. Imagination may be on insecure foundation at the beginning but it is sure to run into reality, if only the direction is clear, crisp and meaningful. Attainment is all the time a result of constant practice. Philosophically we may give names such as Sat-Chit-Ananda (Bliss), but they become user-friendly as we adopt them. Inner condition is the proper key for understanding life totally.

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