Our science recognizes that a single neuron in our brain is incapable of thought, feeling, sight, or any of the things we use to gather information, make connections to that information to give it meaning so that we can understand anything.

Now consider that our society is our social mind. Each of us merely a neuron in it. If we apply "as above, so below", what does that say about anything, any of us might say or do?

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Comment by John on February 26, 2015 at 9:22pm


On this site we believe that there are possibly many theosophies. Hence referring to The Teachings of Theosophy is an ambiguous statement. Note also that some Societal teachings are considered a religion and we do not rely on those teachings at all - we actively avoid them and rely on accepted spiritual texts from the ancient religions.

Having said that, your comment makes sense in the broader use of the term "theosophy", as a collection of common ideas found in theosophies that make up the science of Theosophy...

I wanted to clarify our Rules of the Road a bit.

I actually like Richard's comment BTW.

Comment by Richard Caruana on February 25, 2015 at 11:43pm

Everything is connected and forms a basis for understanding the Laws of the One Life as expounded in the Teachings of Theosophy.

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