Art or the Pulpit? The two Pronged Approach to Spirituality.

"We are facing unsettling times when peace of mind and harmony are much sought after conditions. Unfortunately, where there is a need often the snake oil salesmen appear from the woodwork.

I am talking about the mysterious “Ancient Wisdom” often enough to get emails that asks; ”Ok, where can I learn this Ancient Wisdom, reliably and for FREE?”

People have natural instincts, well from the few obvious gullible, who know and realize that God’s consciousness and peace of mind is not something they would have to BUY.”

I have three recommendations for them;

1 Agni Yoga Society on the Internet (free books to download) a Yahoo group to visit.
2 Vedanta Centers around the US are also great who like their style and delivery.
3 Theosophical Society (books, videos and lectures)

Now these three are a good start. I have used two out of the three, and I can vouch for them. I have yet to visit the Vedanta Center in Sacramento.

The concept of the Vedanta is very simple. There is a world wide organization of Swamis (teachers) who dedicate their life to God. They are poor and depend on fundraisings but their heart is of gold.

The Theosophical Society has split into two groups and the real one (i.e. the one I find better) is in Wheaton Ill, and India. Also the Agni Yoga group is somewhat tainted with some dubious characters and so called “gurus”, but all in all,it is a good source. BE DISCRIMINATING, that is the key........"

reposted in part from my web site,the Ancient Wisdom Blog

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Comment by Katinka Hesselink on May 20, 2009 at 3:26am
The Adyar TS (with headquarters in India and US headquarters in Wheaton Ill) also has groups all over the world. Here's a list of websites of theosophical sections of the TS Adyar.

There are other theosophical organisations, but they are (even) smaller. See my writeup about the theosophical organisations.

Glad to see you promoting the TS on your blog :)

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