UNDERPINNING the universe is not gravity as taught today, but an electric vital power, according to Theosophy.

Notwithstanding, physicists are still stuck on gravity to support their “standard model”—that the weakest of forces rules the entire universe—about which, admittedly, they know not much.

Gravity is mathematically incompatible with the quantum laws that govern subatomic particles, and that “leaves 95 percent of the universe unexplained” writes Dennis Overbye in the NY Times:

“For all its intimacy, it is a mystery…”

This may be because the “law” of gravity, as proposed by the standard model of Science, “is only half of a law,” as W. Q. Judge explains in his Ocean of Theosophy:-

“The Oriental sage admits gravity, if one wishes to adopt the term—but the real term is attraction, the other half of the law being expressed by the word repulsion, and both being governed by the great laws of electrical force.”

The mystery of ‘levitation’ is explained by this definition of gravity, Judge says, because “weight and stability depend on polarity, and when the polarity of an object is altered in respect to the earth immediately underneath it, then the object may rise.”

WATCH VIDEO: African shaman levitating (documented)

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Comment by Richard Silliker on October 4, 2009 at 3:24pm
How about gravity being cause and cause defined as difference opened.

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