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Integrative philosophy (1)

Integrative philosophy (1)


In this series I will try to define my fourfold model of process a bit further, and study some examples or applications of this model. In case you haven't studied my previous blog postings on creation philosophy & psychology (1-5), now may be the time to review them.

Also, some basic knowledge of theosophy, as explained in my ebook (see… Continue

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The power of open source learning..

(found this through Google 10^100 project):…

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Creation philosophy and psychology (5)

Creation philosophy and psychology (5)

In the previous blog posting we halted description at the stage of acting.
Assagioli’s stages end at this point, because he looks at the process moving from inside (will, imagination) to outside (steering of physical act).
There is however also the opposite direction: from outside to inside.

Knoope continues his description…

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Wikipedia Theosophy linked keywords statistics

(link:)This is a really interesting page to watch..

See which keywords are used that link to Theosophy.

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Creation philosophy and psychology (4)

The steps Imagine, Will, Act can be formulated as Imagine, Will, Plan, Act to conform to my four-level model of creative process in/through the human psyche.
I designed a preliminary diagram [paradigm] of the stages of the creative act, put on four levels:

This concerns primarily the work of Roberto Assagioli. The six stages of active will have been described by me in a previous…

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Klaus Dona - the hidden history of the human race-antediluvian world and nephilim giants

At least some of humanity have chosen not to close their eyes and minds to extraordinary findings. Watch this slideshow:

Besides the artifacts which our current technology cannot help manufacture, there are skeletons of 2.6 m long, old maps of the world carved into stone, the Peri Reis map showing the continent of Antarctica (some of which is under sea level - how… Continue

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Creation philosophy & psychology (3)

Now let's have a closer look at the beginning stages of Knoope and Assagioli, for which also see my previous blog postings. Nr. 1 is labeled "wish" with Knoope, to which I have added the labels "desire" and "See" (or beginning of Vision).
I narrow the field a bit and take this "wish" as a deep-felt desire for accomplishing something worthwhile. Simple needs are of a more biological nature and are not dealt with here.

Now what is desire? Everyone of us…

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Creation philosophy & psychology (2): Assagioli's act of will

Will is a most interesting topic to research. Everyone of us has to some degree experience with the act of will and can do experiments in this field.
In this blog posting I'll summarize Assagioli a bit. Extract from an old blog of mine:

The process of active will is very complex. It has been described by
Assagioli in his book "Act of will". I cannot deal with it here at length.
I will mention the steps involved in the will-process,…

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Creation philosophy & psychology (1)

In this blog posting, and some follow-ups, I plan to deal concisely and informally with the fascinating route from wish to reality. There have been quite some authors who have been writing and lecturing about this, especially in newage…

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Modern Buddhism an abomination?

Modern Buddhism an abomination?


Some nice quotes (and this is not even the sharpest):

"To quote the late metaphysician, Dr. A.K. Coomaraswamy: “Buddhism is most famous today for everything it originally never taught.” As such does not advocate nor endorse Theravada & Hinayana, nor any form of Mahayana, Vajrayana, and certainly not Zen. None of these sectarian creations are original to earliest… Continue

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Missing blog thread on free will

Where is this thread gone?
Ning won't show it.
Maintenance issue?

Added by Martin Euser on March 20, 2010 at 10:22am — 1 Comment

Evaluating "The Secret": cosmic candy store or is it for real?

Evaluating‭ "‬The Secret‭"‬:‭ ‬cosmic candy store or is it for real‭?

by Martin Euser‭

July,‭ ‬2009

With all the hype around‭ "‬The Secret‭" ‬going on,‭ ‬it is opportune to say a few things about this whole thing‭; ‬the more so,‭ ‬since I have written about the use of the powers of the mind since‭ ‬1994‭ ‬in my various articles as can be found in my‭ ebook‬ (especially… Continue

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James Morgan Pryse's Restored New Testament now online!

The theosopher James Morgan Pryse published a groundbreaking book in 1914, titled "The Restored New Testament" (see wiki link). He makes a good case indeed that the gospels are but disfigured copies from Eleusinian initiation rites

Very good stuff indeed. His vast knowledge of Ancient Greek culture and language, coupled to a deep understanding of mythology and… Continue

Added by Martin Euser on June 19, 2009 at 6:00pm — 3 Comments

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