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Klaus Dona - the hidden history of the human race-antediluvian world and nephilim giants

At least some of humanity have chosen not to close their eyes and minds to extraordinary findings. Watch this slideshow:

Besides the artifacts which our current technology cannot help manufacture, there are skeletons of 2.6 m long, old maps of the world carved into stone, the Peri Reis map showing the continent of Antarctica (some of which is under sea level - how… Continue

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Creation philosophy & psychology (3)

Now let's have a closer look at the beginning stages of Knoope and Assagioli, for which also see my previous blog postings. Nr. 1 is labeled "wish" with Knoope, to which I have added the labels "desire" and "See" (or beginning of Vision).
I narrow the field a bit and take this "wish" as a deep-felt desire for accomplishing something worthwhile. Simple needs are of a more biological nature and are not dealt with here.

Now what is desire? Everyone of us…

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Creation philosophy & psychology (2): Assagioli's act of will

Will is a most interesting topic to research. Everyone of us has to some degree experience with the act of will and can do experiments in this field.
In this blog posting I'll summarize Assagioli a bit. Extract from an old blog of mine:

The process of active will is very complex. It has been described by
Assagioli in his book "Act of will". I cannot deal with it here at length.
I will mention the steps involved in the will-process,…

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Creation philosophy & psychology (1)

In this blog posting, and some follow-ups, I plan to deal concisely and informally with the fascinating route from wish to reality. There have been quite some authors who have been writing and lecturing about this, especially in newage…

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