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10th Anniversary of theos-talk yahoo maillist

Theos-talk maillist at yahoo groups was founded on September 15, 2000 by Eldon Tucker and today it celebrates its 10th anniversary of founding. Ten years is a long time in Internet age and theos-talk has played a very important role in theosophical movement during this time because it is independent of all organizations. You can visit theos-talk at:



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Some issues on discovery of SD owned by Einstein

There are some issues regarding the discovery of SD owned by Einstein. I posted a msg on theos-talk, in order not to clutter the blog here. Here is the link to the msg:


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William Laudahn, Einstein, Theosophy, Secret Doctrine, Jack Brown

Another player in the story of Einstein and his copy of SD, is Laudahn who brought the Jack Brown’s article in Ojai Valley News to the attention of John Algeo. It is not clear if Laudahn is still alive and if he is, may be he can help identify Jack Brown. Her is an excerpt from an article I found in the cyberspace.

“Mr. Laudahn …. . Retired since 1976 and currently a resident of the Theosophical…


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New info on SD owned by Einstein

In the current search for the copy of Secret Doctrine that Einstein had, here is a new lead. According to Katinka’s website, it is stated that:

‘The late Dallas Tenbroeck said that this copy was actually seen by him.’

Unfortunately Dallas died a couple of years ago so we do not know how to check this out.

Considering the fact that the collection of transcripts of HPB’s discussions was discovered after a century, it is quite possible that the book is somewhere… Continue

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Einstein, SD, Jack Brown's Article in Ojai Valley News

It should not be that difficult to find out more about Jack Brown. I am sure long time residents of Krotona/Ojai would be able to throw some light on this guy. In addition, there is a distinct possibility he may been a member of TS and looking at the membership rolls at Wheaton might yield some results.

Anyone who is reading this has any contact at Ojai, it would be nice to check it out.

Are there any psychics around? May be they can also help not only to track Jack but also… Continue

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Ojai Valley News article - Einstein, Secret Doctrine

We should thank the Ojai library for their quick response in providing a copy of the article from their microfilm archives.

I am glad that there is no copyright purist librarian at the library; if so there would have been interminable discussion about the copyright issues, even though here we are all after very important news and information and not any commercial enterprise.

It is not uncommon for theosophical 'scholars' with all their wisdom getting fixated on… Continue

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