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Michael Gomes on Secret Doctrine in a radio interview

Michael Gomes Speaks about H P Blavatsky and the Secret Doctrine in a radio interview. There are three parts posted by TS Lodge in Cardiff.



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More pictures from 2010 World Theosophical Congress at Rome

Here are some more pictures from 2010 World Congress at Rome:



Enjoy them.

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Theosophical Network now has 500 members

This site now has 500 members and it is a milestone. It is one of the few sites which public can access without joining it.

There is a tendency in traditional theosophical circles, to keep discussions private. Since the major search engines index the contents of sites they can access, I am confident that the membership here will steadily grow as more users in Internet become aware of this site. Congrats to the organizers of the site.

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Automated encyclopedia at www.cpedia.com

Wikipedia is a source we normally access to find detailed information

about any entity. Now there is an automated encyclopedia at www.cpedia.com. Since it is an automated one, compiling information in Cyberspace, it is likely to be more comprehensive and uptodate. I ran into a compilation about Theosophical Society. Here is the link.…


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More photos and information on World Theosophical Congress in Rome

Theosophical Order of Service has come up with a very professional on-line newsletter which has a lot of pictures and other information on World Congress. TOS should be congratulated for a nice job done. Here is the link.


Enjoy the pictures and information.

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Comments about World Congress from Elina

Elina Juusola-Halonen http://elinajuusolahalonen.blogspot.com/, a Finnish

member of TS living in Australia has published a blog on the recent TS

World Congress. Here is the link. We should be thankful to Sampsa Kuukasjärvi

from Finnland for providing the information.…


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More pictures from TS World Congress at Rome

Marja Artamaa, the General Secretary of the Finnish Section has posted more photos from the Congress. They can be viewed at the Finnish Ning site. While the site is in Finnish, you can see the photos and enjoy them. Here is the link.


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