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Spontaneous Inspiration - Its place in spiritual matters

EO in his foot note on last page of the Eliphas Levi’s Paradoxes of the Highest Science says:

Let your exact science, so proud of her achievements and discoveries, remember that the grandest hypotheses - I mean those that have now become facts and undeniable truths - have all been guessed, were the results of spontaneous inspiration (or intuition) - never those of…

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Long Blog Posts - Some thoughts

In all online forums, frequently we come across long posts. Indeed it is understandable that complex ideas and situations need explanations which tend to end up as a long post.

Many who browse forums as well as on maillists, have limited amount of time to read and review posts and emails of interest. This is simply a factual matter since many have daytime jobs and they spend time on Internet after hours. Many tend to ignore long posts due to time constraints.

In the above…


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