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An account of how Manjeri Rama Iyer, an activist theosophist in India affected the common man and woman

The work done by theosophists in India on the social aspects had immense effect on how theosophists and Theosophical Society is viewed in India. Many theosophists were involved not in speculation of what is going on in unseen world and occult side of things, but were active in improving the conditions of the masses. Why in the recent decades we do not hear of such interests in theosophists should be of concern to everyone. Unless our activities affect our fellow men and women and children,…


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Donation of iPad2 and iPad3 needed for www.theosophy.net

Recently we received complaints from users of our website that some of the items do not work properly on iPads even though they are ok on desktops and notebooks.

Our technical support people do not have iPads to test and fix the working of the website. Hence we are looking for donation of iPads 2 and 3 or donation of money to buy iPads.

Theosophy Network is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization, and hence all donations are tax deductible

Please contact…


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Accessing scanned texts of The Theosophist, Lucifer and The Path

There seems to be some confusion about accessing some of the scanned theosophical material on www.theosophy.net. Here is how you do it.

Go to  www.theosophy.net.

On the website, on the top portion, you will see the following tabs, left to right.

Home, My Page, Members, Blogs, Forum, Resources, Teams, Chat, Photos, Videos and Help.

Clicking on Resources, will open a window show…


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